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How Do Animals Tell Time?

animal communication Apr 30, 2021

How to prepare your animals for your post-pandemic schedule changes.

As the world shifts and opens back up, post-pandemic, you probably want to prepare your animals for any travel, visits, appointments or work schedule changes, you may encounter in the months ahead.

I’ve got some suggestions for you so YOU can do this and make it a harmonious transition.

Let’s talk about the concept of time, first.

I’m often asked the question, “Do animals understand time?”

You may experience animals acting oddly around the time changes in most US states. They may beg you for food, earlier or later than usual, depending on the clock changes.

 But what about the bigger concept of time…are the animals always in the present moment or do they sense the changes, as we do?

 Let me explain…

Animals are Divine Beings, just as we are.

 Sometimes we hear the general statement of “Animals only live in the present moment.” While that can be...

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Learning Spirituality from Animals

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2021

It's natural to connect with animals.  We've been doing it since birth.  Because they don't use words, animals and humans can communicate with a different language - the language of spirit and energy.  This communication can be enlightening to say the least and profound.

Understanding grace and spirit is part of the reason why animals are in our lives and why we love them so dearly.  Whether we are appreciating them for who they are as individuals or pondering what lessons they are guiding us through, the animals in our lives are here for a reason.

Here are 5 different practices for you to try with your animals to help you to better connect with them and maybe even strengthen your spiritual understanding. 


~ 1~


Witness your animal companion for five minutes. Take a break from your distractions and be present with your animal.  Listen. Smell. Try not to touch. Witness them as they sleep, play, sniff in the yard, whatever it may be. ...

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Are Your Words Holding You Back?

I want to give you a mindful tip about your words. Have you ever stopped to think about the words that are going through your head? Have you ever stopped to think about the words that you're speaking? Did you know that the universe can be like a little spy and listen in on the words and the stories that you're telling yourself and telling the world and the universe is bringing those things forward to you? So you may want to be cautious about using the word hard. This is hard this is difficult; it's difficult to meditate every day, or it's hard to let go of the fear I have around a certain situation, or it's hard to forgive my ex for x y or z. 

The universe is going to create that for you so I would invite you to shift the words that you're using and maybe change it to something a little less harsh. Maybe change it to ‘I'm learning’. I'm learning to forgive my ex for whatever it was. I'm learning to let go of my fear about changing jobs. I'm learning to...

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Are you a dog with a bone?

How often are you finding that you're holding on to a feeling, an emotion, that may be heavy? It may be painful, it may have something to do with anger. How often are you holding on to that and just letting that stir and fester in your body?  

I had a client this week that said she had a lot of things going on in her life like we all do: she was dealing with grief and loss and feeling of disempowerment and all kinds of things.  We did a healing and I was able to help her to let go of some of those things energetically because it was like a bundle of just overwhelming emotions and when we're holding onto those things it can weigh us down, it can confuse us, we can get lost, we can get off of our course of what we really want to do in our life.

So, what I suggested to her was to sit with it. Sit with any emotion that you're holding onto and then let it go. And she admitted, she's like “Oh I'm great at sitting with it. I can sit with it and sit with it and sit...

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