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Available for animal communication readings, Intuitive consultations, Shamanic Healings,  teachings, and group classes.

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I reside in the Chicago area and am available for consultations worldwide.

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About Linda

As a life long animal lover, just like you, I am passionate about every animal's emotional and physical well-being. I was reluctant to tap into my animal communication abilities until I had no other choice.

My horse, Howie, helped me to focus on this natural ability called animal communication. How? Well, he had digestive issues, referred to as colic. Colic can be life-threatening to horses so I wanted to make him feel better. Over a two year period, he experienced 10 different colic episodes, each one very upsetting to both he and I.

Because of the love I have for him, I promised to do anything for him. He was hospitalized, treated by vets, all with no real result. It wasn't until I started communicating with him that I found out how to help him.

Howie lived pain-free with me for 15 years. He did transition to Spirit, January 15, 2022.  He still guides me to this guide with helping all living creatures. 



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