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2012-2013 Again? Thank you Mercury Retrograde

enlightenment shamanism Jun 05, 2021

If you’re feeling a blast from the past with some issues or emotions lately, I may have a good reason for you – MERCURY RETROGRADE is in Gemini (May 29-June 22)

No fear, there is something you can do about this…read on…

Mercury Retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year.  Typically, this slowdown of energy is needed to remain balanced.  If we always went 60 mph, we would wear ourselves out, right?

The general effects of Mercury going Retrograde are:

  • Disagreements with friends
  • Experiencing misunderstandings
  • Travel and communication disruptions
  • Emails getting lost
  • Electronic Issues

The general rule of thumb is to AVOID signing any legal contracts during this time due to the chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding with the document.

This particular Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is a bit different.  Here’s how:

The energy of this Retrograde is inviting us to look again at some of our unfinished business of 2012-2013.  Do you remember...

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Life Lessons from Our Red Tail Hawk

There was a memorial service for our beloved Hawk at the forest preserves a few weeks ago.  I was fortunate to attend with almost 20 others who had cared for her in her 33 years of being in captivity.  We shared tears and touching stories about our regal, sassy feathered friend.  It’s amazing how many lives she touched, not only with those who tended to her care but also school children, visitors to the welcome center and so many more.

There were many conversations that she and I had while she sat upon my arm…

One conversation I recall, was when she was reminding me to step into my power, to not be hesitant and timid.  This message came at a time in my life when I was leaving an abusive marriage, where I learned playing small was the safe thing to do, for over 17 years.

This, after all, is a lesson about healthy boundaries. 

She whispered to me to be strong, like her, take action when appropriate, and have no regrets.  If you’ve ever...

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Dog Hero

animal communication May 30, 2021

I want to thank all the people and animals who have given their time, service and lives for our country and for humanity all around the world.  You are valued beyond words.


I wish to mention a canine hero of World War II – who demonstrated her maternal instincts and perseverance in the line of duty.

Her name is Irma.  She was a German shepherd who, in World War II began her career as a messenger dog, delivering valuable letters back and forth between posts whenever phone lines were down. It was noted that she was a very intelligent dog.  Because of her keen senses and awareness, she was trained for search and rescue.  She would locate people in rubble after air raids hit during the London Blitz.

She had been trained to bark in a different way if someone was dead rather than alive. You know animals can feel and sense energies with their heightened senses.  Humans can learn to be in the present moment, like most animals. 

There was a...

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Where are the Signs?

animal communication May 17, 2021

What does it mean if you encounter an animal?

In this video, I shared how one of my clients was approached by a moose (more than once), and what this might mean.

How do you embrace the energy of a moose?

  1. Moose have large antlers that are showy, so maybe it's time for you to show up a little more or stick out.
  2. Moose are vegetarians. Maybe it's time to add a little more veggies to your diet.

Pay attention to the signs that animals give you. Recognize the animal that keeps showing up for you and embrace their energy into your life.

Now what happens if you come across a skunk multiple times? How do you embrace the energy of a skunk?

  1. Skunks will stand their ground.
  2. Skunks use "aromatherapy" for their own survival.

The universe supports us through these animal messages and more.

If you follow numerology, look up what the numbers are telling you.

  • If you're looking for a new job or a new house, look up what the numbers on the building mean. See what the numbers add up to be.


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Is your pet grumpy?

I want to share with you a mindful tip for today and that is to be present with your loved ones. Being mindful and being present means not only being there for your human friends, family companions, but also for the animals. 

So for instance if you're walking your dog you probably want to be present with that dog, and you probably want to be aware of your surroundings. Right? Because you don't want to step in any poo that maybe somebody has left behind or get tripped on a crack on the sidewalk or not be aware of what's going on around you.

I know when I walk my dogs, I do notice some people who are into their phones, or they're talking to someone on the phone, or they're watching something while they're on a walk.

And other people are a little more present with their surroundings, and with the animals really appreciate you being fully focused on them, just as any human would as well.

For example I've got a cat- he's a long-haired cat -and his name is Magnus and he loves to...

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Energy Hygiene Master Class

healing May 17, 2021

Are you feeling like your energy is feeling stuck or stagnant?

You know, sometimes when we are in this pandemic space we do go to those lower levels of survival, and so sometimes we are overloaded with fear, or regret, or worry about you know, things we could have done differently in the past or what our future is going to hold.

If you're feeling like you're stuck in that space emotionally and energetically, I'd love to have you join my energy hygiene master class where I teach you how to clear your energy field, and it helps to clear some of the emotions and the thoughts as well, so that you can be in a clearer state of mind and be a little more balanced and a little more peaceful with the pandemic and the things that are going on right now.

I teach you how to also shield your energy so that when and if you're feeling maybe somebody may be saying some unkind things to you, or maybe if you feel someone may be trying to take your energy, there are things you can do to...

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Home Clearing

healing May 17, 2021

How has your home been feeling lately?

Being sheltered in can be challenging. When you're stuck in your home space you don't get to get out as much as you're used to or escape to the workplace or to outings with friends and family. It can be a challenge and sometimes our homes become stagnant: the energy becomes stagnant; the air becomes stagnant. So as you open up the windows you can try to clear some of the air and the energy. 

But I have found in my own personal life, and this is my home, in my own personal home, that clearing the energy energetically does wonders. It keeps my mindset clear and focused, because I do work out of my home, and it helps me to be mindful of my animals, my loved ones, my clients, and it helps a lot with clarity.

We all need clarity in our life, right?

To try and figure things out, to try and figure out these puzzles that we put in place with our life. So I do recommend a home clearing if you know how to do a home clearing, that's great do one...

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What are you holding on to?

healing May 17, 2021

What are you holding onto? We all tend to hold onto old stories, or scenarios, or circumstances that have happened in our lives, either even from childhood let alone from last week. 

Did you know that sometimes holding onto those things can lead to disease?

Either emotional disease or imbalances or physical ones. When I do energy healing for some of my clients either using Reiki or using shamanic healing, I find that people hold onto things and they hold onto them in their bodies, sometimes in the solar plexus area, which is in the digestion area, as well as the middle back.

So if you're finding that you're having indigestion or back issues, maybe check in with yourself to see “hmm what am I holding onto? Is there an old story there that I was told that may not be true or it may not be true for me anymore? Am I holding onto that? Can I let it go?”

The nice thing about doing energy work is it invites those things to loosen up their grip and to be released, and so...

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How to Meditate

healing May 17, 2021

Meditation is so beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit. Meditation can lower stress levels, heart rate, ease muscle tension, and so much more. There are a variety of ways to do it so I want to share some methods with you. To help you to get started, I will guide you. 

To get prepared for a sitting meditation you can find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down. I find it may be helpful for you to start with a simple one- or two-minute meditation: this gets you started and warmed up for longer durations if you so choose.

Next, let go of any expectations if you are simply trying to meditate, that is progress. Judgment does not belong in a meditation so let it wait outside of a space wherever you are next realize you have a left brain and a right brain.

You want to ask the left brain to remain quiet or paused during a meditation. All sorts of distracting thoughts can flow past you let them go. Let go of the to-do lists, let go of any agenda. You may want to gently direct the...

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Red Tail Hawk Wisdom

animal communication May 15, 2021

Have you ever had a special soul in your life?  One that shares her wisdom, motivation, and strength with you?  Perhaps a parent, grandparent, aunt, teacher, or even an animal.


I’ve had wonderful teachers in my life and one of them just transitioned. 


Nine years ago when I signed up to be a volunteer environmental educator for the forest preserves, I thought I was doing good by giving back to the community and helping children to learn how amazing our natural world is.  I did not realize how much support, growth, and community, I needed at the time when I signed up.  You see, I was going thru a difficult divorce at the time.


As a certified teacher, I found fulfillment in leading classes of students on their field trips to the preserves.  I also learned several things about nature and myself along the way.  There were many staff members who I can thank for the support and scientific explanations for but there is one animal...

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