Unveiling the Invisible Wounds: Healing Soul Loss in Traumatized Cats

abandonment wounds cat abandonment cat anxiety cat soul healing cat trauma soul loss soul retrieval soul wounds Mar 24, 2024
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Have you ever experienced something so harrowing - perhaps physical or emotional abuse, an accident, or a horrific loss - that it left you feeling empty and dead inside?

Or perhaps you have watched someone you love - maybe even your beloved cat -  endure a cat-astrophic tragedy or injury that rendered them practically unrecognizable? Like the very essence of their being was suddenly just…gone?

If your feline has ever endured a horrific event or series of events that left them a shell of their former frisky self, you know all too well that Western medicine and veterinarians cannot always help. You see, traumatized cats often face a spiritual crisis that will never be healed by medications or other traditional treatments.

Why? Because during the traumatic event, your cat (like all animals, including humans) can lose parts of their soul. If this sounds strange, let me explain…

Soul Loss is a Coping Mechanism

For all living beings, surviving trauma often comes with lingering consequences - notably a kind of lifelessness and/or loss of being and inner-light. These are all signs that pieces of the soul have been scattered and lost in the process. 


When we consider Andye Murphy’s beautiful explanation that our soul is our most basic life force - it just makes sense that all kinds of pain can drive our life force to journey towards the spiritual realm. In other words, our soul leaves our body to escape anguish. Murphy elaborates:


"Soul loss occurs through a number of ways and for a number of reasons — from physical or sexual abuse to traumatic situations, or even just a bad fight. No one knows with certainty why a soul aspect decides to depart, but it’s a common occurrence and one rarely addressed in our modern society."


While it may not be a part of mainstream conversation, there are people like me who not only talk about soul loss but actually know how to get the soul back.  As a shaman and animal communicator, I am skilled in retrieving those errant soul parts and making your cat (or any animal or person for that matter) whole again. I’ve had the pleasure of healing many cats this way. 

Max, Cora, and Summer - Just a few of the cats I’ve healed from Soul Loss

 Physical Injury

Let’s start with Max - a beautiful multiple-colored cat who fell and oddly did not land on his feet. Instead, his human watched in horror as he hit his head. Hard. And despite getting a bill of good health from his veterinarian who declared that he hadn’t suffered a concussion, as one might expect, he was just not himself afterward. A week later, his mom noticed that something was still very wrong with Max - something that his doctor had clearly missed or was unable to diagnose. So she asked for my help. 


Recognizing the real problem, I promised her that I would go retrieve all of Max’s soul parts that had vanished due to the accident. Through a shamanic journey, I collected the fragmented pieces of his life force - returning them to his body. After the healing, his mom was thrilled to inform me that Max was back in full force.  Her friendly, outgoing boy had returned.

Soul Retrieval makes us whole again. 

When we experience emotional or physical wounds, Soul Loss occurs

Through the beauty of Soul Retrieval, we can embrace our full essence once again and feel more complete in ourselves. 


Similarly, I worked with a female calico cat named Cora who had been abandoned by her mother as a kitten. Although she and her littermates were rescued, she carried her abandonment issues with her everywhere. Even after she was safe, she remained extremely clingy with her litter mates. Although she was adopted into a loving home, she was unsettled and nervous. Not knowing how to ease her stress and make her feel like a part of the family, her thoughtful humans put me on the case.


As a shaman, I have healed humans with abandonment issues with a past life regression - but for Cora, I knew I needed to perform a SOUL RETRIEVAL instead.  After I brought back her missing SOUL pieces, this radiant beauty, started to shine. Gaining independence and confidence, she began happily adapting to her new family and was able to be fully present, fully healed, and entirely sure of who she was for the first time in her life.

Loss of a Loved One

Finally, I healed a cat named Summer whose human had died in their home - leaving her neglected and terrified. Already traumatized by the loss of her person, she was also starving and living in filth by the time a rescue stepped in to save her. This kind of trauma frequently happens to cats whose humans are isolated in some way, making it so that no one discovers their bodies very quickly. In Summer’s case, she had been alone for so long and was so distraught from her mom’s death that she seemed almost feral. Her insightful rescuers knew they had to do something to heal her pain before she would ever be adoptable. After the healing I performed, she stopped being angry, her eyes were no longer dilated, and she opened back up to love and found a new loving home.

Soul Loss happens all too frequently.  You and your animals can live a more balanced life with the help of a SOUL RETRIEVAL.    All of the above-mentioned healings were performed remotely, with the animal being comfortable in their home and I in mine.  The majority of a SOUL RETRIEVAL is performed while I am in a Shamanic Journey, gathering the lost soul parts. 

If you believe your cat is suffering from soul loss, please reach out. It would be my honor to help bring your cat back to life.


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