Breaking Free from Abandonment Patterns through Past Life Regression

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Abandonment shows up in our lives, even though we may not have physically been abandoned in this life.  It can develop if you didn’t receive the amount of emotional love from your family, when you were a child or if someone close to you left you.  When a loved one dies, that can make us feel abandoned. 

As a Shaman, I look for patterns that occur in people’s lives.  When I see a pattern, I know there is usually a wound underneath, in the subconscious.  It is that wound that we heal so the pattern can break free and you can live a more comfortable life.

Do you think you have an abandonment issue that may be making you do some things that aren’t really in your best interest?

See if you can relate to these top 5 signs of abandonment behaviors:   

  • You don’t like being alone – you feel anxious when you are
  • You get nervous if you don’t hear from a close friend every day or every few hours
  • You fill up your days and nights with busy activities – usually involving people
  • You settle to be in a relationship with someone, anyone, just so you are not alone
  • Your animal demonstrates anxiety, along with you, when alone

 If you answered yes to 2 or more of these signs, you most likely have some hidden abandonment pain that is unresolved. 

That pain can make you do some crazy stuff like overbooking yourself and surrounding yourself with people all the time.

The Abandonment wound can keep you busy, so you avoid facing it. 

How can you face this kind of emotional wound?

You can heal with a Past Life Regression.

I helped a client to address and overcome her feelings of panic whenever she realized that she was alone.  It was her dog that mirrored these anxious feelings from her, which is why she initially called me to help her. 

When I communicated with her dog, her dog said, “I feel nervous energy from her and I’m trying to take it away but it’s too much for me and it comes out with me pacing and being unsettled at night when it is just the two of us.” 

My client explained that her husband traveled a lot for work and these were the nights, when he was absent, that she felt the strong anxiety.

When I informed my client that her dog was feeling the anxiousness from her, she felt horrible that she was causing this.  I invited her to look at is as an opportunity to make changes in her life. 

I informed her that I could help her to eliminate these nervous feelings during a Past Life Regression.  She was eager about getting help for this issue and we scheduled the healing for a couple of weeks later. 

During her Past Life Regression, she drifted back in time to a period where she appeared to be early human, Neanderthal-like.  The scene we viewed together was surreal.  There were lots of rocks and plants and not many people. She lived outside with little shelter.  She witnessed herself dressed in fur and carrying a spear.  She was responsible for her younger siblings.

She felt her siblings disappear which meant that she was left alone. 

As I spoke to her during this part of the Past Life Regression, she described feelings of anxiousness, just as she had felt during her evenings when she was alone with her dog. 

We showered this past experience that she was witnessing, with love and light.

After 30 minutes, her intense feelings about it melted away and she felt calm.

She felt lighter after the healing was complete.

During my follow-up call with her,  she was amazed that both she and her dog were no longer having panic attacks of anxiousness at night or any other time that they were alone. She felt calm and lighter…even a month after the Past Life Regression!

She was thankful that her dog mirrored her emotions to her so she could break free from her feelings of abandonment and that I was able to help her. 

If you feel anxious or triggered by the thought of being by yourself,  I am available to help you find freedom again via a Past Life Regression. 

p.s.  Past life connections with our animals are always something incredible to explore.  You may feel a stronger bond with them in knowing your past lives together. Do you want to know who they were when they were with you before?

p.p.s.  Learn more about Past Lives with Oprah and Dr. Brian Weiss



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