What's a Soul Retrieval?

shamanism/healing Aug 08, 2022
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I'm asked this question often and I'm so excited to answer it because it is such a valuable healing to experience.

Soul loss can happen when life gets rough.  The following life experiences can activate soul loss:

  • Personal Injury
  • Grief/Loss of a loved one
  • Abuse- Verbal or Physical
  • Near-death experience
  • A relationship break-up
  • Chronic illness
  • And more...

You don't have to continue your life with voids in your soul.  These voids make us weak and tired.  The absence of our soul parts leads us to feel stuck in our lives and disempowered.

Instead, you can feel like my client MH who experienced her first soul retrieval in 2014.

"Linda, I didn't know I could be so strong! I changed jobs and now am working for myself and left the other company where they talked down to me.  I feel so alive and in charge of my life now!"

MH is a client who never knew she was dropped on her head as a baby.  This accident affected her soul by keeping her safe and in bad relationships.  It wasn't until her soul retrieval, that I retrieved the soul part that left her when she was dropped as a child.   

MH doubted that she was dropped on her head so she asked her mother.  Her mother confirmed that she was accidentally dropped, as an infant, while being placed into the car.  MH was amazed again that she had learned more about herself because of the Soul Retrieval Healing. 

These accidents can really have an impact on us and that's why it's so important to get a Soul Retrieval.


Another case was Trudy, the calico cat.

Trudy was a rescue cat who was in a foster situation.  The foster contacted me for help with Trudy because she was extremely shy and untouchable for weeks. 

When I connected with Trudy, she told me she had been thrown from a car and was emotionally upset by humans because of this. 

When I did the soul retrieval for Trudy, she started to change her behaviors and befriended the other cats in the home and eventually the humans in the home.  It's amazing to see the strength and hope being restored for Trudy and other rescues that I've helped.

How it works:

You may be curious about how the Soul Retrieval Healing works.  A soul retrieval can be completed remotely, over the phone or Zoom.  It is a simple process where you lay down comfortably at home and I retrieve the soul parts that are ready to return to you.  Once completed, I tell you which parts are returning, which incidents made them leave, and what they are planning to help you with in the future. Then you rest for about an hour as things settle for you. 

It's amazing how we forget about or discount some of our life experiences as not being significant but they can be for our souls!

The Soul Retrieval is a very impactful healing that can transform your life. 

After a soul retrieval, people feel lighter, more hopeful, and even joyous!  The long-term effects of the healing will help you with all aspects of your life.  So you can feel powerful and motivated again.

Who knows?  You may even make some long-needed changes in your life!  


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