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2012-2013 Again? Thank you Mercury Retrograde

enlightenment shamanism Jun 05, 2021

If you’re feeling a blast from the past with some issues or emotions lately, I may have a good reason for you – MERCURY RETROGRADE is in Gemini (May 29-June 22)

No fear, there is something you can do about this…read on…

Mercury Retrograde occurs 3-4 times a year.  Typically, this slowdown of energy is needed to remain balanced.  If we always went 60 mph, we would wear ourselves out, right?

The general effects of Mercury going Retrograde are:

  • Disagreements with friends
  • Experiencing misunderstandings
  • Travel and communication disruptions
  • Emails getting lost
  • Electronic Issues

The general rule of thumb is to AVOID signing any legal contracts during this time due to the chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding with the document.

This particular Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is a bit different.  Here’s how:

The energy of this Retrograde is inviting us to look again at some of our unfinished business of 2012-2013.  Do you remember...

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Life Lessons from Our Red Tail Hawk

There was a memorial service for our beloved Hawk at the forest preserves a few weeks ago.  I was fortunate to attend with almost 20 others who had cared for her in her 33 years of being in captivity.  We shared tears and touching stories about our regal, sassy feathered friend.  It’s amazing how many lives she touched, not only with those who tended to her care but also school children, visitors to the welcome center and so many more.

There were many conversations that she and I had while she sat upon my arm…

One conversation I recall, was when she was reminding me to step into my power, to not be hesitant and timid.  This message came at a time in my life when I was leaving an abusive marriage, where I learned playing small was the safe thing to do, for over 17 years.

This, after all, is a lesson about healthy boundaries. 

She whispered to me to be strong, like her, take action when appropriate, and have no regrets.  If you’ve ever...

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