What your pets need from you – from their perspective Part II

animal communication Jun 24, 2022
animal communication with dogs and cats

To continue the conversation, I had here last week, I wish to help you with knowing what your animals need from you. 

Last week, I mentioned 3 important things the animals want:

  • Quality Time
  • Good Nutrition
  • Comfort

These are often the topics that the animals prefer to talk about but there are more that I will cover today.

Pain Management

I’m not sure what is going on in the animal healthcare systems but I have had far too many cases of animal clients in the past couple of months who are in pain and the vets are not addressing it. 

Please note that your animals prefer to live a pain-free life, just as we humans do.  Sometimes they don’t appear to have outward symptoms and that’s why animal communication is so important to support your loved ones.  With animal communication, you will be able to recognize and better understand your animal’s headaches, heartburn, chronic digestion issues and address the pain for them by treating the pain at home with over-the-counter remedies (CBD is my favorite).  Or by informing your vet that your loved one is in pain and needs medicine.  This is especially crucial to address when your animal is going thru a chronic illness or long-term disability.  Remember, life on Earth can be hard on us and on our animals.


A Compassionate Ending


Speaking of pain, our animals do not want to suffer, especially as they are nearing the end of their lives.  If you can plan a compassionate, pain-free transition for your animals, they find comfort in that.  I realize you can’t always plan these things but your animals tell me so often that they don’t want to suffer and they don’t want the final memory to be one of distress. 


As I’ve spoken with many animal care professionals from vets, groomers, trainers, and animal communicators, we agree that the animal’s QUALITY OF LIFE is the gauge of knowing when the best time to help them to transition will take place.  Before you have to face this decision, prepare yourself for how you define their quality of life.  Then you can be better prepared, as their advocate and caretaker to make the best decision possible for their well-being.


Present Moment

There are many things that the animals request from their humans when we have our communication sessions but the last one I'm going to mention here is to be in the present moment.  A lot of the animals that I communicate with roll their eyes shake their heads and become frustrated with their humans. Their humans are worried about the future and don't realize some of the life experiences that they're missing in the present moment. This is a little bit about taking for granted what is currently going on in your life, good or bad. Animals want to be loved and appreciated for who they are they want to be heard and they want to be seen.


The animals in your life came to you for a reason. Sometimes they are in our lives to teach us how to establish healthy boundaries. Other times animals come to us for comfort after the loss of a loved one. In other circumstances, animals come to remind us to laugh and to love. There are many other reasons why animals are in our lives. These are just a few that the animals share with me.


If you want to improve the relationship you have with your animals or you're challenged with a health crisis or a behavior issue I would love to help you and your animal with an animal communication reading.


If you feel ready to learn how to truly hear what your animals are trying to tell you, join our Animal Wisdom Path community where I teach you how animal communication works.


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