Soul Loss - How does it happen?

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What is soul loss?


We come to Earth as children with a fully intact soul and as life happens, parts of our soul can drift off when life gets too intense and too stressful.

What is considered too intense? 

Well, everyone's definition is different.

Typically we see soul loss occur when there's a severe injury or sometimes even a minor wound like jamming a finger. 

If you've experienced the loss of a loved one, either through death or an end of a relationship, that often will result in soul loss.

Car crashes, hospitalizations, verbal or physical abuse, and trauma, can also be too intense for our precious souls.

When soul loss occurs, it doesn't mean we die.  It means we can continue through our lives but we may not have all of our strengths readily available to us.

If you've ever grieved, you know that we feel tired and drained during the hardest parts of grief. 

It's that draining feeling that can be a clear symptom of soul loss.

What can you do?

You can receive a transformational healing called A Soul Retrieval!

Your soul parts are not gone forever. They're actually waiting for you.

This is the beauty of a Soul Retrieval.

During this healing, you can relax and lie down or even drift off to sleep.  (Soul Retrievals can be done virtually with very strong positive results)

As your healing guide, I journey to the spirit world and talk with your soul parts.

I ask them if they feel strong enough to come back to you.  

I also ask them why they left.

You may remember or be surprised at the incidents that made them go. 

You can read about one surprising soul loss accident that my client was unaware of here:

I enjoy updating clients about the reasons why the soul parts left because they often recall the incident and feel they no longer need to hold that weight. 


How do you feel after a Soul Retrieval?

Often, my clients tell me it has changed their lives, especially when they were feeling stuck or afraid.  It's as though they have the courage to make a positive change in their lives. 

The intention of a Soul Retrieval is to help you feel more complete and powerful because let's face it, life on Earth is full of challenges.

I like to think of a Soul Retrieval as a re-birth, or second chance at life.  

May you have the courage to face all of the challenges that life offers you. 



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