Mirrors Don't Lie

animal communication Aug 21, 2021


“Help!  My dog is nervous and anxious when I am home alone.

Is it because we just moved? 

Is she not feeling well?” 


My client asked me these questions because of her concern for her beloved dog. 

The dog, Rosie, told me she felt the anxiety from her human.  It was not Rosie’s anxiety, but she was mirroring her human’s feelings.  As I communicated this to my client, she began to cry and acknowledge that she had always felt this way and now with her spouse traveling more, it was taking it’s toll on her emotions. 

She felt it was silly that a grown woman would feel this way.  She pushed aside the anxiety and nerves for years. She buried the feelings and tried to distract herself whenever she was home alone with Rosie.

Her avoidance of the issue was no longer working.  I felt the root emotion behind this fear was abandonment.  She said she did not remember any experiences that felt like abandonment in this lifetime.  I suggested a past life regression to get to the root cause of her anxiety.  She agreed. 


A past life regression can show us not only who we used to be in other lifetimes but it can also show us our patterns of behaviors and tendencies.

After the healing, my client felt lighter and relieved.   She informed me that her anxious feelings, related to being alone, were no longer evident and Rosie’s behaviors of anxiousness disappeared just as soon as her fears dissolved.

The animals in our lives can reflect our emotions back to us, with their behaviors.

Have you ever noticed that when you are agitated or rushing around, that your animals become nervous and fussy too?

Our animals can be mirrors, by reflecting our feelings or behaviors back to us.  It's a beautiful gift, to become more aware of ourselves thru the eyes of our animals.


So when you wonder why your dog or cat may be acting oddly and you can't figure out why, trust that animal communication can help you get the answers you seek. 

 I offer 10 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute animal communication readings so you can know what your animal is trying to tell you.  Learn more HERE.


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