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animal communication May 27, 2022

This week in my Animal Wisdom Path membership, I described what it can be like when we receive a message from our animals. 

  • There’s uncertainty
  • There’s doubt
  • Even disbelief

But when you physically witness the confirmation of the experience, you begin to pay closer attention to your animals and yourself.

I’m not referring to reading body language.  Animal Communication is NOT simply looking at the animal and guessing what they’re trying to express to you.  

Animal Communication is the acknowledgment of a telepathic message between ourselves and a different species. 

Here’s what happened…

During our bi-weekly Zoom Circle for Animal Wisdom Path, one new member found that when she directed a request to one of her many cats to join her in the room she was sitting in, an amazing thing happened. 

I had just described to the group that we can send messages to the animals even if they’re not looking directly at us.  I went on to talk about how we use our chakras to relay messages back and forth with each other.  This member decided to try it.  As I was talking further about the process she directed a thought to one of her cats, asking if she would enter the room to be with her.   Well, guess what?  Her cat complied and entered the room shortly after she asked the cat to join her.  The amazing thing about this is that it wasn’t any of the other 7 cats she has in the home, but it was the one that she asked for!  Is this a coincidence?  I don’t believe it is. 

I see this happen so often because


I’m sure you can relate to the animals that it can be frustrating when you are not understood clearly or heard.  So think about helping them to express themselves when they’re hurting or emotionally upset by something.

If you are ready to further help your animals by understanding them more clearly, I hope you will join our Animal Wisdom Path. This program is designed to get you ready for my signature course Learn Animal Communication – The Telepathic Way

I hope you consider one of these two options to improve your life and that of your animals!

Choice One 

Join the Animal Wisdom Path*

To get started with learning how to talk with animals.  This option is great if you only have 3 hours a month to dedicate to learning.  The Animal Wisdom Path will help you prepare for the more in-depth course that is offered in the fall.  You will be guided in the process of telepathy with animals and improve your intuition at the same time. ENROLL HERE




Choice Two

Join my signature course – Learn Animal Communication – The Telepathic Way

To fine-tune your intuition, telepathic abilities and become a certified animal communicator.  This option is best for people who can dedicate 2 hours a week for six weeks.  We dive in deep to better understand how animal communication works and how you can improve your intuitive abilities.  It is a 6-week course with an option to become certified.  There are additional modules to the course for those who are truly serious and want to explore the inside world of animals to the best of their abilities.  This course is offered again in September 2022.  Join the WAITLIST here. 


Both options will guide you in your journey to learn how to talk with animals. 

*Note:  Animal Wisdom Path members receive a discount on Learn Animal Communication – The Telepathic Way




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