Are you annoying your pet by doing this?

animal communication animal past lives animal whisperer Apr 11, 2024
caucasian girl in white sweater hugging golden with it's eyes closed and tongue out

I was reading an article in Newsweek that mentioned some common pet owner behaviors that may drive your dogs and cats nuts.

I'm fascinated by these articles, as an animal communicator with over 14 years of experience, knowing what I know about animals and their desires.

I've heard some dogs and cats tell me that they love it when their human fusses and holds them, even carrying them in a carrier/backpack, while others don't like being pampered.

There have been some horses that I've spoken to who appreciate being totally spoiled with padded stalls, dry turnouts and frequent groomings and others that don't really care.

The article mentioned a common human behavior, hugging.  Hugging has gotten a bad rap, recently.

What the authors have neglected to consider is that some animals appreciate hugs and cherish the comfort that they bring.  Not every animal feels the same way about human behaviors or food preferences for that matter.  

When we think about how some dogs prefer certain bones to chew on and reject other forms of bones, we recognize that each soul, within an animal is unique.

My 2 cats, Max and Mags, for example prefer different forms of affection.  Max loves to be held and snuggled and transported around the house in my arms.  Whereas Mags prefers to sit on my lap to be groomed and adored.  He does not tolerate being held for long.  The cats are littermates, with identical upbringing.  Their preferences for affection are simply unique to their souls. 

I've had clients who love dog parks and for others, it traumatized them putting them into an anxious frenzy for days. 

Our animals have their own agendas in their lifetimes.  Yes, they have life lessons just as we do.  They also have old wounds to heal, especially if they're an old soul. 

Sometimes animals come to Earth with baggage and that can affect how they wish to be shown love.

An animal who has gone through trauma with being hit by a car in a past lifetime, may fear being around loud noises and any vehicle in this lifetime, until they're able to heal that wound. 

As much as I'd like to think that we all come to this Earth as a clean, blank slate, I'm afraid I have not seen that very often. 

Our souls remember. 

Our energy remembers. 

These memories can influence our preferences for affection, food, entertainment, relationships and so much more.

As I reflect back on the clients who wanted to be held more and snuggled more, I invited their humans to participate in these behaviors, if that was the animal's preference. 

My suggestion is to watch for signs from your animal as to whether or not they want a hug.  Pay close attention to see if they pull away slightly or do they lean into you.  Do you see the whites of their eyes?  That's probably a sign they are uncomfortable.  

Remember our animals are unique souls with their own preferences.  

Honor their wishes, just as you wish for them to honor your's. 

To learn more about your animal's past lives, or your own, feel free to email me with your questions:  [email protected]




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