Soul Connections and Death

afterlife animal communication animal intuitive pet reincarnation spiritual telepathic communication Mar 09, 2023

What happens when your animal outlives you?


There's a horse at my barn who was grumpy but he didn't always used to be that way.

R's a big black, beautiful, gelding with a white star on his face. He was one of Howie’s friends. They were turned out together and would play horsey games on most days.

In one of the many conversations we had after his passing, Howie urged me to speak up for this horse who his human was ignoring.  She rarely (3x/year) came out to see her beautiful gelding.  Life happens.  I'm not blaming his human. She had some health issues and some emotional illnesses as well.

Personally, I love how Howie, even in spirit form, still cares about his buddies and put me on the task of helping his buddy!

Grumpy Horse attempts to bite people

Whenever I would walk past R, he would stick his head out of his stall put his ears back and try to nip me whenever I would walk by.  I know this was attention-seeking behavior so I stopped and I talked with him telepathically. 

He told me he was upset that his human wasn't coming out and visiting him. He hadn't seen her for months. No one was giving him attention and he was losing weight even though he was being fed. He also complained of being in pain.  With this information, I advised the barn manager that he wasn't doing well.

The barn manager found a couple of kind volunteers who decided to make R their project – with the ok from his human.  They started to invest in better food and veterinary care. His health condition improved so they were able to ride him because he became stronger and healthier.  He told me he loved going on trails with them.

A couple of weeks ago during feeding, one of the volunteers noticed R wasn't eager to eat his food. Normally he's rushing and pushing the person who's trying to feed him but he just sat in the back of his stall with his head held low.

Intuitive Horse

Unsure as to why R was behaving that way, we kept a watchful eye on him.  

Later that day, we discovered that his owner had died. Everyone was shocked because this woman was only 29 years old and it was very unexpected.

It was clear to see that R was upset that his human was gone.  Even though she neglected him. 

He was sad.

You could see it in his eyes. Everyone at the barn gave him some extra love and attention. When I talked with him he said he was very sad that he didn't get to complete what he had hoped to help his human with. I asked him to explain this. He said, “Well I came to help her with her life and to get some things in order for herself. Because she had chronic health issues she needed an outlet and I came to be her outlet. And now she's gone.”

He told me he felt like he failed her. 😔 

I reminded him of how he was there for her when she showed up and that she did appreciate him because she was in contact with the volunteers who were helping him. I don't know why she didn't come out to visit him more or if she was physically strong enough to do so.

Animals appear in our lives for a reason

The dear animal souls in our lives care about us probably more than we recognize. And I'm a firm believer that souls come together in divine timing to work through things or to learn or to grow and animals can be our best teachers with our life lessons.

So take a little extra time today with your loving animals. Give them an extra snuggle, pat, treat or words of affirmation.

Because our life here on earth is temporary and we never know when it's time to go.


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