Top Ten Reasons to Learn Animal Communication

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Top Ten Reasons to Learn Animal Communication


Are you curious about what your pets are thinking and feeling?

Have you ever wished you could ask them directly about their aches and pains or inquire why they are acting strangely?

Do you dream of being able to talk to them, discover what they want and need, and let them know just how much you love them in their language? If so, read on…. 


1. Are they hurting, where does it hurt, and how badly…

In some cases, it is very easy to tell when our animals are sick or injured. They may exhibit very clear signs - such as holding up an injured paw or vomiting uncontrollably.  Other times, it may be harder to distinguish between a behavioral and a medical problem, especially since these are often intertwined. 

Sometimes, we can sense that something is off - because our pets just don’t seem like themselves - but the reason remains a mystery. Cats, in particular, are evolutionarily built to mask and hide their pain  as a natural defense against predators, so their ailments can be hidden and thus very difficult to diagnose. Imagine how much easier it would be to just ask them what’s wrong! 


2. Why don't they like their siblings…

Multi-pet households are not always conducive to animal happiness, and just like humans, pets don’t always get along with their brothers and sisters. But if you figure out what is causing the tension, you can often mediate the problems and find meaningful compromises to restore the harmony in your home. 


3. Why your cats aren’t using the litter box…

Litterbox problems are some of the most frustrating challenges cat parents face, and they can have a multitude of causes. From urinary tract infections to Pandora Syndrome to fear and anxiety, it is important to understand what is wrong so you can fix it.

4.  What is making them so anxious…

Animals are incredibly sensitive to their environments and can also have emotional issues and/or trauma, all of which can create intense anxiety. By learning what is triggering their fear or discomfort, we can make the world feel safer and more welcoming for our pets.


5. How to stay in touch once they cross over the rainbow bridge…

Just because your pets have passed does not mean you can no longer communicate with them. In fact, they want us to reach out, invite them to visit, and see how they are doing on the other side. 


6. How to know when they are ready to leave the Earth…

Just like we do, animals have final wishes. They also know when they are ready to transition. Being able to ask your pets if it is time for them to go or if they want to hang on longer can take away a lot of the confusion and guilt that often accompany euthanasia decisions and ensure they pass peacefully and on their own terms.


7. How to have a stronger bond…

The human-animal bond is one of the most beautiful and powerful forms of love in existence. Yet when we learn to communicate with them in their own language, our relationship only intensifies and grows!

8. Staying in touch with them when you are traveling … 

Sometimes we can't travel with our animals and we want to be sure they're ok while you're gone.  Staying in touch with them via animal communication brings them comfort and it can ease your worries too.


9. How to make them more joyful... 

All animals are individuals with their own unique desires and preferences. Learning how to talk to them will give you a rich understanding of their inner lives, while helping to ensure that you fulfill their needs. 


10. Who they are and why…

Our pets - especially if they're rescued - often come to us with a complicated past that we otherwise have no access to. However, animal communication makes it possible to discover their histories and stories so we can better comprehend where they've come from and what they have experienced before they became ours.

In turn, we can love them more fully by honoring where they've been and understanding how their past has shaped who they are.


There are so many more reasons to develop your animal communication skills.  If you love your animals, you will try to do all that you can for them.  Learning animal communication is the best way to build a better relationship with your animals. 

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