The Scoop on Cat Litter Problems: How to Keep Your Feline Happy and Healthy!

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The Scoop on Cat Litter Problems: How to Keep Your Feline Happy and Healthy!


Litter box problems are a nightmare for cat parents, and they can be challenging to diagnose or fix - especially if the reason isn’t obvious. Once a veterinarian has ruled out a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and/or other medical conditions (like the lesser-known but equally concerning Pandora syndrome that might cause our cats to associate their litter boxes with pain - thereby avoiding them entirely - it is up to us to decipher the root cause. 


Since most humans don’t speak fluent feline, they all too often assume that any non-medical litter-box issue is a sign that their cat is angry or upset about something, and is thus “acting out” or trying to express their dismay.


In reality, this is typically not the case. While medical and behavioral issues are often intertwined, there can be other, less obvious, causes for cats to go outside of the box as well.


Animal Communicators Can Often Help When Veterinary Behaviorists Cannot 


Which is where I come in. As an animal communicator, I am fluent in feline (and all species) and most importantly, can act as a translator so you can make your cat as happy and healthy as possible. So if you have tried visiting a veterinarian or even a veterinary behaviorist because your cat is doing something perplexing, unusual, and out of character - all to no avail - I am here to uncover the real issue.


A few weeks ago, a married couple with multiple cats reached out when Oliver, their beloved orange tabby suddenly began defecating under their bed.


Now Oliver’s humans are no feline novices. They knew very well to keep several litter boxes around the house in safe spaces that are far apart AND cleaned them daily. They were also very aware that Oliver was not ill or suffering. So they were pretty lost. Finding themselves in this odd dilemma, they asked for my help.


Interspecies Communication to the Rescue


My specialty is interspecies communication or telepathy, so I made time to have a telepathic conversation with Oliver to find out what was bothering him and why he was pooping on the floor, under their bed.


The first thing he told me was that he was scared. When I asked why, I could energetically see fear in his eyes and could tell that something had gone awry inside of his house.


Because animals are so intuitive, Oliver helped me discover some negative energy emanating from his home - including some open energetic portals that did not feel or appear benevolent.


It was these spirits that were scaring him!  The only safe place he felt where he could be vulnerable to poop was under his human's bed.


Because I know how to do shamanic healings and home clearings, I decided to clear and cleanse the entire space, right then and there.


The home clearing was performed remotely with Oliver giving me play-by-play details on which spirits were still visible to him and which ones had been escorted to the Light. (I love it when animals help me with making things clear again!).


Space/home clearings have been a vital part of ancient rituals and traditions across many world religions for millennia and they work!

When I mentioned the portals of energy to the humans, they paused and acknowledged that indeed, they had felt odd energies not only in the house but in the backyard area where the portal was at its strongest. They always had this strange feeling when going into the backyard and now they understood why, thanks to Oliver.


(Note:  Energy Portals are best cleared by a professional who has been trained to deal with the multiple energies that travel through them.  Unfortunately, sage, crystals, and sounds are often not enough to safely and effectively shift or close a portal of energy.  Seek a professional's help)



Animals and intuitives are sensitive to numerous energies around the world. 



After clearing his home, I asked Oliver if he felt safe again and he gave a resounding yes. But just to make sure harmony had been restored, I followed up with Oliver’s family a few weeks later and they said that he was doing wonderfully. Not only was he using the litter box again, but he also appeared more at ease than he had before. 



And that’s the magic of animal communication in a nutshell!


It is important to mention that I did not have to travel to Oliver’s home to do this work, In fact, I do almost 95% of my telepathy and clearing work remotely. So no matter where you and your pets are, I’m here for all of you.


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