Can Anyone Learn How to Talk with Animals?

animal communication Apr 22, 2022


Two of the most frequently asked  questions I get about how animal communication works are:

  1. Are we born with the ability to talk with animals?


      2. Can it be learned?

My answer is simply,  YES you are born with it AND YES it can be learned. 

 We are all born with the ability to communicate with animals.  Just like we are all born to learn a foreign language.  Whether you want to or not, is the key difference.  I’m a firm believer that we can do whatever we set our minds to and learning animal communication is no different.

Here’s a brief story on how I got started with learning animal communication.

You may not believe this, but I struggled with believing in animal communication when I first heard about it.

Was I open-minded?  Yes.   Was I hopeful?  Yes. 

But I still wanted proof, evidence, and verification.  Something to make me believe that I wasn’t going crazy and that I was accurate.

I wanted to believe in it because I wanted to help my animals and to understand them better.

I had a sick horse, Howie, and  I wanted to help him to feel better.  I considered him a family member and a dear soul in my care, so my love was deep and still is for him.   I tried EVERYTHING to help him… Vet visits, massage, chiropractic, diet, de-worming and so much more. 

I wanted to know why he kept getting sick.  I figured if he could tell me then I could solve it.  I also wanted to know how badly he felt when his illness (colic) would present it’s symptoms so I could help him. 

As I started to try talking with Howie and other animals in my meditations and in my down time, I received faint, fuzzy images, with just outlines and faint colors of animals. I could barely hear parts of words or phrases. 

It was like learning to speak and read German or any foreign language.  Bits and pieces of information were put together.  Attempting to interpret the slight visions or whispers was like solving a puzzle on my own.

There were times I doubted the message or feelings that I received from an animal.  After years of practice and confirming information, I learned how to overcome those doubts. 

The more that I practiced this ability or “language” I found the messages from the animals became clearer and louder.  This helped my confidence to grow.

You know what I wish I had back then, when I was trying to learn animal communication? 

I wish I had a guide to show me the way.  Yes, the animals did guide me but I wanted a human to bounce ideas off of and to point me in the right direction.

That’s why I’ve created the community Animal Wisdom Path, where I will guide you with a group of animal communicators who want to learn, improve and grow with their abilities, in a supportive group of animal lovers. 

We are starting next week and I hope you will join us.

Learn more HERE

Howie & Me 2021


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