The Room with No Doors

Mar 04, 2022


The room with no doors


I found myself walking into a federal courtroom a few years ago. No, I wasn't in any legal dilemma.  I was told that the offices of the judge who hired me we're in this location. You see, I was at an event outside of the building and the judge discovered me there. They asked me for some healing work because they were very stressed.   For privacy and confidentiality’s sake, she invited me up to her chambers for some healing work later in the day.  I agreed and she provided me with the room number.


The room number, led me into a courtroom.  Her name was listed outside of the courtroom so I thought she would meet me there.  As I walked into the courtroom, I looked around. It was your typical federal building. No windows in the courtroom. It was empty of people. There was the bench where the judge sat and surrounding benches for spectators. The walls were smooth in this room.  I saw no way in and no way out of this room except for the main door from which I had entered.  It was very odd, very twilight zone esque.


I did not see the judge and I did not see access to her chambers through this courtroom.  I exited the courtroom and I sat outside of the room waiting for her to arrive. Cell service was not existent in this building.  I was very surprised when a couple minutes later someone walked out of the empty courtroom. I got up and I looked in the courtroom again and the walls were smooth no handles no doorways no windows. I was surprised about where this person came from, wondering how they had entered that courtroom when I saw no other doors.  Did they levitate in?

I saw there were cameras in the courtroom when I went back in to see if there was an open door somewhere.  (I had a funny image of me pushing on the walls of this courtroom, or crawling on the floor, looking for an opening, and being filmed, then security coming in to arrest me, lol.)


Feeling confused and a bit unnverved, I exited the building so I could call the judge and ask how I could enter the room in order to find her chambers. She explained to me that the door would be left ajar so I could find my way in. I did eventually find my way in.  The door was actually a large wooden wall that is pushed to open, almost like a revolving door so it creates an opening for one to walk through. 


It's funny how we are shown things right in front of us but we don't realize it or we are challenged to see clearly.  In my case, I trusted that the judge needed my help and that she gave me clear directions as to how to find her.  Yes she directed me to the correct courtroom but I had no way of finding a doorway in which to find her chambers which were behind the courtroom. But I trusted. Even though I couldn't see or hear or know for sure that there was access to find her, I trusted. I did what I knew how to do which was to try to get ahold of her on her cell phone and I had to leave the building to do that so it was a little inconvenient and I was concerned about time. But I knew it was important to her and to me to be able to help.


Awakening to spirituality is like this courtroom with hidden doors. You may know it's there you may think you're in the right place but how do you get through?  Others knew the way, but I did not.  How do you access where you're supposed to be when you don't see an opening you don't see a window or a door or a handle?  


You persevere


You do whatever it takes within your abilities no matter how inconvenient or annoying it may be.


The feeling I had when I exited the courtroom and found the offices behind the courtroom was ecstatic! It felt as though I had uncovered something that was beyond my reach.  Yes it was scary to be in an empty courtroom and not know how to access where I was supposed to be.


The awakening process takes courage.


Trust and courage.


As you travel along your spiritual path, I hope you remember this funny story about trust and courage. Do whatever it takes, no matter how unsettled you may be, to find the opening that you need to go through to advance. 


I promise you, it is well worth it!


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