Unveiling the Mysteries of Past Lives with Animals: A Journey of Love and Healing

animal communication animal medicine animal whisperer past lifetimes past lives Jul 21, 2023

Do you believe in the profound connections with animals that extend beyond our current lifetime?

As an intuitive empath, I've experienced vivid dreams that have revealed past life memories, connecting me with loved ones and even my animals from previous lifetimes.

Today, we'll explore the fascinating realm of past lives with animals and how these experiences can offer us healing, love, and valuable life lessons. Join me as we dive into the mysteries that transcend time and deepen our understanding of eternal bonds with our animals.

Understanding the Power of Intuition and Empathy

Intuition and empathy have opened doorways to extraordinary insights in my life. Dreams, in particular, serve as a conduit for messages from loved ones and even show us glimpses of past lives. By acknowledging and embracing these messages, we can tap into a wellspring of wisdom that can guide us in our current journey. 

There was a dream I had that showed me a past lifetime of me riding my horse Howie on a wide open prairie.  As I focused in, I saw that I was a male Native American and Howie was a beautiful painted horse, unlike his Chestnut color from this lifetime. We were racing and having fun.  The dream helped me to remember that the bond between him and I is infinite and that we will continue to help one another beyond this lifetime as well.


Past Lives with Animals - An Unbreakable Bond

As we discover the enchanting world of past lives with animals, where souls transcend species boundaries to forge unbreakable bonds, we can better understand our relationships with animals. 

I’ve had many clients who have been together in past lifetimes.  One that stands out was a woman, Judy, and her dog, Sierra.  Sierra wasn’t feeling well and Judy wanted to know if it was time to release Sierra back to Spirit.  During our conversation, Sierra mentioned that she didn’t want Judy to feel abandoned again.  I asked Sierra, “What do you mean by again?”  She showed me that they had been mother and daughter in another lifetime.  A terrible war had torn them apart and the mother was murdered, leaving the daughter abandoned.  I asked Sierra, “So you were the mother and you feel you abandoned Judy?”  Sierra agreed.  Thankfully, I was able to help them both to heal a part of that abandonment wound so that when the time was right, Sierra could peacefully leave her body.

See what the Omega Institute has to say about past lives.

 Animal Communication and the Unveiling of Past Life Connections

Animal communication readings provide glimpses of the everchanging tapestry of relationships between people and their animals. It is these heartwarming experiences, where cherished souls return to comfort, support, and teach us valuable life lessons once again.

As I journey through past lives with animals, I've come to understand the eternal nature of love and the cyclical lessons that weave through lifetimes. It's incredible to think that we can remember experiences that we've had with the animals in our lives, from past lifetimes.  This is where Deja vu comes into play.  When you get that feeling that you've been here before or been in a certain experience before, you're most likely experiencing a remembering from the past. 

Embracing this realization can bring immense comfort and a deep sense of purpose in our current lives.

There are many dog clients whom I've helped with loud sounds and especially fireworks, who have lived as humans during war times.  They don't forget the feeling of being under attack which is why they're triggered and anxious with those loud sounds.  This is where soul-level healing comes in which is something I offer to support the animals. 

This captivating exploration of past lives with animals will always fascinate me.  From vivid dreams revealing past life connections to the profound insights gained through animal communication, we've unveiled the enduring nature of love and the lessons that transcend time.

Embracing these experiences can offer us healing, comfort, and a greater understanding of the interwoven fabric of life. So, the next time you encounter your beloved pet, remember, there may be more to your connection than meets the eye – a love that has traversed the ages.

 If you want to explore your past life connection with your animal, I can assist you with a 30-minute reading per animal.  Get your's here:  https://www.thewhispersoflove.com



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