The Power of Love: How a Tragic Accident Results in the Return of a Pet Soul Mate

accidental dog death animal communication bichon puppy pet reincarnation pet soul mate pet tragedy soul mates soul sisters May 26, 2023

"My puppy died in a tragic accident."

“I need to come to terms with what I’ve done,” said my new client.  “I want to know that my girl will come back to me even though I killed her. 

Accidental Dog Death

My client, JJ, came to me to see if her beloved Bichon puppy would reincarnate to her again, even though there was a tragic accident that resulted in the accidental dog death that JJ was responsible for.

I knew this was a delicate situation for both souls so I handled it as delicately as possible.

I was not aware of how the death occurred when I first connected with Snowy, an adorable 7-month-old Bichon puppy. 

She was quite clear with her first message of “I don’t blame JJ for my death, it was a horrible accident.  I love her very much and will come back to complete our lives together.  There is unfinished work to be done.”

Snowy also expressed her deep, undeniable love for JJ.  It was described as a soul mate relationship.

As I told JJ this information from Snowy, she broke down and cried.  She says, “I’ve not slept for the past 10 days since the accident and I’m struggling with coming to terms with what happened.”

I asked JJ if it would help to talk about the accident with me.  She agreed.

Pet Soul Mates

She told me that she and Snowy were inseparable.  That she took Snowy everywhere with her and because of her Bichon size, it was easy to travel together.  JJ considered Snowy pet soul mate. (They actually had a strong pet soul mate relationship that I’ll explain later.)

One day, JJ placed Snowy on the back of her scooter so she could do her errands.  She had Snowy secured in a canvas basket, just like she had done 100s of times before.

That day of the tragic accident, Snowy was agitated but JJ didn’t notice as she was driving her scooter.  Snowy squirmed and was unsettled until she jumped out of the basket, onto the pavement in front of the scooter.  JJ tried stopping the scooter, but it was too late, Snowy hit the front tire and suddenly died. 

I’m sure you can imagine how JJ felt about this accident.  Her soul mate was gone.  Her beautiful Bichon puppy that she adored.

Snowy told me she did not blame JJ.  Snowy actually took the blame for the accident.

She was agitated for a reason.

Snowy informed me that there was going to be a collision with another vehicle, up ahead on the road, if she didn’t stop JJ, then JJ was going to die or become paralyzed. 

One soul for another.

I was deeply moved by this revelation, and I started to become emotional but I wanted to get a resolution for both of these loving soul mates so I continued to talk with Snowy, JJ’s soul mate puppy.

Snowy informed me, by telepathically, showing me the scenario through what she saw was going to happen.  She was agitated because she sensed JJ was going to be hurt and she loves JJ so much, she didn’t want JJ to endure that tragedy.  Pet soul mate love is the strongest!

Love is strong.

Love holds no boundaries.

I asked Snowy why she chose to do this.  Could she explain it so that JJ could better understand?

She told me that she and JJ have had many lifetimes together as soul mates and that they had taken a pact many times, to help one another, no matter what. 

She showed me lifetimes where JJ had sacrificed herself for Snowy, in different settings with different circumstances. 

They had made a strong soul sister/soul mate bond with many lifetimes together.

Snowy also explained that she felt giving her short life was not a big deal vs the decades that JJ had invested in her life so far, on Earth.

As I explained this to JJ, she understood, yet was still feeling guilty for what had happened.

Do pet soul mates reincarnate?

JJ and I talked about pet reincarnation.  She wanted to know how it works and if Snowy would come back to her.

She asked me when and how Snowy would reincarnate back to her.

Pet reincarnation occurs often.  I see it happen several times within the lifespan of a human.  This means your pet soul mate can come back to you several times within your lifetime. I see it happen so often in my animal communication practice.

When asking Snowy what her plans are because she has free will and can decide when she comes back, Snowy informed me that she would come back as the same breed.

She mentioned that she is going to be female again, probably from the same litter that she came from.

JJ informed me that she did know that there was another litter expected soon from Snowy’s parents.

JJ asked how she will know it’s Snowy, her pet soul mate.

I reminded JJ that she knew it was Snowy the first time she found her.  

The funny thing about soul mates is we just know it’s them when we see them, either in person or in an image.

There’s a familiar feeling when we are reunited with pet soul mates.  An inner knowing.  A level of comfort or ease.  Sometimes there are signs to be aware of too. 

I can’t wait to hear about their reunion when Snowy returns!

To read more about pet reincarnation, check out this article:


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