Will my pet become my angel when they cross over?

animal communication animal medicine shamanism/healing Oct 14, 2022

This is a good question that I’m often asked.

As a professional animal communicator and shaman, I am aware of things that happen in the spirit world, i.e., animals/humans crossing over, angels, guardian angels, spirit guides and power animals.

So, I will address this question from those experiences…

I do find that sometimes an animal’s spirit will continue to guide and support us even after they’ve crossed over.  You may feel it as a gut feeling or an intuitive message when they send us the guidance of – “go this direction…”  or “don’t call that person yet, they’re not ready.”

There are other times when I see our departed animals go on to other callings yet from time to time, they come and visit us. 

Soul Agreements

There are also soul agreements to consider.  What is a soul agreement? 

Well, it’s like a promise your soul makes to your animal’s soul that can have many variables and contingencies with it.  I’ve seen soul agreements that are super tight – something like I will NEVER leave your side.  That’s a pretty restrictive agreement, if you ask me.  Just think of thousands of lifetimes together until the agreement is dissolved, if ever.  A better agreement would be “I’ll be by your side until one or both of us feel it is not in our best interests to do so.”  I personally like to give souls the freedom to choose and to change their minds when making agreements like these because you never know what can happen.

Remember, words are energy – just like a spell. 

Other Scenarios

There are also graduations/rites of passage to different realms and responsibilities that happen if your beloved animal’s soul wants to pursue something like that to fulfill their soul.  Sometimes these graduations can be to the Angelic realm or even to the Spirit Animal realm.

Because all souls have free will – the decision is up to each individual soul as to what they choose to do next after leaving the Earth. 

Often, I see an animal’s soul reincarnate to return to Earth to be with their loving humans or animal families.

You can see this unfold when you notice certain quirks or mannerisms of a new animal friend that resemble the dear pet that transitioned years ago.   These reincarnations are not always to a similar species or breed as their other incarnation but sometimes they are.  

I am a firm believer that our eyes are windows to the soul and when you look into the eyes of an animal that maybe you are thinking of rescuing, you will know or get a sense of something familiar about them.

It’s happened to me.  When I first met Howie, my heart horse, I immediately began to tease and joke with him.  He liked it.  There was a level of comfort about him, even though he was a spooky, jumpy Arabian.  I felt safe with him and I felt at home. I later discovered, as I awakened, that he and I have had many, many lifetimes together. 

It is possible for animal’s souls to become your angel or maybe they have a plan to reincarnate to be with you again.  If you want to find out what their plan may be, let’s do a reading to find out! 

 You can schedule that here:  www.thewhispersoflove.com




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