Do animals miss their siblings who have crossed over?

animal communication Apr 29, 2022

Do animals miss their siblings who have crossed over?


A cute grey/white kitty named Harley was a bit depressed. His human Allison, contacted me because of the depression she noticed he was displaying and she was worried that something was physically wrong with Harley. She explained to me that Harley’s best friend had passed away a year ago and Harley just wasn't the same since then.

She wanted to know if I could help Harley to feel better or to find out what Harley needed or wanted in order to feel better.

 As I spoke with Harley, he expressed some sadness and loneliness with the loss of his friend. He also felt a little displaced because they had just moved into a new apartment. For Harley it was just a few too many changes in a small amount of time.

So I explained to Harley that the new home could have new memories and great experiences with Allison all to himself. He did confide in me that he felt Allison was also a bit depressed and missing not only the other cat but some family members that she had lost recently.

I made a few suggestions to help both Harley and Allison to address some of the heavy feelings that they were experiencing. I asked them both if I could do some energy work to lighten their load a little bit. And they both agreed. As I did the energy work, I could sense a lot of the weight that they were holding onto, lifting as I carefully cleared it from them. I firmly believe that they were tired of holding it and they were ready to let it go.

When I checked in with Harley and Allison a couple of weeks later I was really happy to hear that both of their attitudes had improved and that they were thinking of bringing in a new family member, another cat into their lives.


I'm asked sometimes if animals still talk with one another even when one has passed on. What I have found out is sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Some animals forget just like humans forget that they are connected to the spirit world.

Why does this happen?  Maybe it’s the gravity pull of earth and how heavy it can be here. But we're never really separate. We're never really alone.

And that's what my message for you is this week to have heart, hope, and comfort in knowing that you're never alone. A reminder that love is never ending, and it transcends time in space.


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