Are you a dog with a bone?

animal communication shamanism/healing Feb 08, 2021

How often are you finding that you're holding on to a feeling, an emotion, that may be heavy? It may be painful, it may have something to do with anger. How often are you holding on to that and just letting that stir and fester in your body?  

I had a client this week that said she had a lot of things going on in her life like we all do: she was dealing with grief and loss and feeling of disempowerment and all kinds of things.  We did a healing and I was able to help her to let go of some of those things energetically because it was like a bundle of just overwhelming emotions and when we're holding onto those things it can weigh us down, it can confuse us, we can get lost, we can get off of our course of what we really want to do in our life.

So, what I suggested to her was to sit with it. Sit with any emotion that you're holding onto and then let it go. And she admitted, she's like “Oh I'm great at sitting with it. I can sit with it and sit with it and sit with it but then I'm just like a vicious circle. It just goes ‘round and round and round and I don't do anything about it.” so I asked her: what is it within you that is making you hold onto it and not release it? And one of my favorite analogies that I like to share with people is- and I've helped others over the number of years that I've been doing this is to let go of that bone. Don't be the dog holding on to that bone, being possessive over it and not letting it go. Let it go and stop chewing on it. Especially if it's something that's in disharmony or something that's festering in you. If you release it and let it go then you're allowing yourself to be lighter and freer and clearer so that you can experience more things and maybe not hold on to that pain or that hardship whatever it may be. 

So acknowledge that emotion or feeling whatever it may be: good or bad. Sit with it, maybe process it, and then set the intention of letting it go. So I'm often asked, how do I let this go? You can do it a number of different ways. Number one is to set the intention to let it go. You can do some breath work, you can do some mindful movement, be it yoga, tai chi, belly dancing, any sort of dance to let it go. You can walk in nature to let it go. You can use sound therapy to let it go, be it a gong, or a crystal bowl, or drumming. Whatever it may be, crystals can also help you to release some of those emotions that don't serve you anymore. 

So all of these wonderful things that are available to us, don't forget to access them and to use them so that you can be a clearer person and be able to navigate your life in a more clear way to benefit you and your loved ones. I know, for those of you who have animals, the animals really appreciate it when we let go of things. They don't like it when we hold on to old patterns and things like that. So just another mindful tip to help you to let it go. 

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