Doubting and Doing Animal Communication

animal communication Jul 09, 2022

If you're anything like me, you've got lots of questions and doubts about animal communication.

As humans, we struggle with things we can’t see or feel strongly in the physical world.  Our minds tell us to get the proof.  I’m glad our logical minds do this because it keeps us safe but it also keeps us stuck.

You see, I was unaware that animal communication even existed until about 12 years ago. I was introduced to it by a friend. During the communication, I was surprised at the information that was being shared with me about my horse, by the communicator.

I was informed that I could also do this. And because I was curious I gave it a try. I didn't have a guide or a teacher to show me the way. I sat in meditation and allowed my senses to awaken. That's when I was able to hear and see messages from the animals. (I know now that you don’t need to be in meditation to communicate with animals.)

I didn't believe that I was actually doing it, at first.  I needed to have confirmation. There were messages that were being shared and I doubted them. Because it was so new to me, I wasn't quite sure how it worked. So, I asked for proof, over and over again.

I was very curious and intrigued as I continued to practice this ability on a daily basis. I practiced communicating with my own animals, with friends’ animals, family members’ animals, anyone that I could get the verification from was fair game.  I found the proof I needed to know I was getting accurate information. The animals really helped me along the way!

My students tell me they have doubts too.  You know what it's like when you learn something new like a new language. You aren't quite sure that you're being clear with your communication when you're practicing this new language. You certainly don't want to overlook anything or say something incorrectly.

This is why it's important to have a guide. Someone to show you the way. Someone who has been where you're at and understands the doubts, the fears, the uncertainty that come along with learning animal communication. That someone is me!

I want to help you to learn how to communicate with your own animals, just like I did!

Here’s one suggestion for you if you are thinking about learning animal communication:  

Heighten Your Senses

I remind my students to do this because YOU are in control of your senses.  Yes, you can decide to tune in or tune out sounds, sensations, and images.  We do it everyday.  Whether it’s NOT listening to commercials, bosses or loved ones.  We know how to mute things and turn them down. 

We also know how to turn things up.  When you’re in a crowded restaurant and you hear your name from across the room, you most likely will turn up your sense of hearing and vision to see if someone is trying to get your attention.  Heightening your senses in this way also helps you to hear the animals who are trying to communicate with you.

You can heighten your sense of vision, touch, feeling, smell and taste too!


If you want to learn more about how to heighten your senses and learn how to talk with animals, join my FREE Masterclass –

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