I don’t want to go on without him

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This is what a horse told me after her beloved pasture mate passed away.


A beautiful, chestnut mare (Jessie) spent most of her days in a small pasture with a gelding. After years of being together, their bond had become quite strong. They relied upon each other for companionship and protection. When the day arrived that he could no longer go on and he had to be relieved of his body and pain, she told me it was really hard to watch. 

As time passed and life moved on without her companion, Jessie lost interest in food. Horses are meant to eat day and night and when a horse loses interest in food their body eventually begins to shut down. Jessie became overwhelmed with loneliness and grief.  She collapsed in the pasture. Her human advised me that it looked like the horse was fainting.

This certainly did concern her human who called the veterinarian. When the veterinarian came out and did a thorough examination he found nothing was physically wrong with Jessie.

Because her human cares deeply for all animals she reached out to me to find out what she could do to help Jessie. She didn't want to put her horse down which was the advice that her veterinarian gave her. The mare still had many years of life left in her. 

Over the phone, I learned of the Jessie's condition. 

When the horse told me the words, "I don't want to go on without him,"

I knew Jessie's grief was very deep. She felt vulnerable, sad, and overall at a loss with what to do with her life. When this overwhelm hit, that's when the feelings of despair occurred and she would collapse. 

I asked the mare if things would change and if she would feel better. I wanted to get an idea of her will to live. She did have a strong will to live as she advised me. But the vulnerability and grief were too much for her to bear.

As I always do, I offered some suggestions that would help her to feel better.  I love proposing options to improve the situation for animals and people. 

I asked her if she had a pasture mate and if she would feel better again, she asked me if this new pasture mate could be a male and a gentle soul. I advised her that absolutely I will let your human know your requests if you can just stay with us a little bit longer until she finds that new pasture mate for you then that would be great. 

A couple of days passed and a new gelding was introduced into the pasture with Jessie. They both got along really well. Jessie began to eat again and the fainting spells disappeared.

I hate to imagine what would have happened if Jessie's human would have taken the advice of the veterinarian and ended her life prematurely. 

When I check in with this pair of horses from time to time, they still are very appreciative of being together and being with the human that so lovingly cares for them.

If you find yourself in an unexplainable situation with your beloved animals, I hope you consider talking with me about the situation to see if animal communication is a good fit or CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR ANIMAL COMMUNICATION READING. 

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