Are Your Words Holding You Back?

animal communication enlightenment shamanism/healing Feb 17, 2021

I want to give you a mindful tip about your words. Have you ever stopped to think about the words that are going through your head? Have you ever stopped to think about the words that you're speaking? Did you know that the universe can be like a little spy and listen in on the words and the stories that you're telling yourself and telling the world and the universe is bringing those things forward to you? So you may want to be cautious about using the word hard. This is hard this is difficult; it's difficult to meditate every day, or it's hard to let go of the fear I have around a certain situation, or it's hard to forgive my ex for x y or z. 

The universe is going to create that for you so I would invite you to shift the words that you're using and maybe change it to something a little less harsh. Maybe change it to ‘I'm learning’. I'm learning to forgive my ex for whatever it was. I'm learning to let go of my fear about changing jobs. I'm learning to meditate every day, whatever. Whatever it is you're hoping or desiring, watch the words that you speak not only verbally but internally, because again the universe acts like a little spy and is always listening to you and especially as you raise your vibration in your frequency so if you're doing energy work, if you are doing any sort of spiritual practice or mindful practice, your vibration is higher and you're plugged into the universe even more loudly than when you weren't doing those mindful things, so the response is going to be greater. So you could potentially manifest whatever it is you're thinking or speaking instantaneously via the universe. So when you're saying it's hard to forgive, it's hard to forgive myself, you're going to find that it will be hard, it will be a challenge. So how about you flip the words that you're speaking and that you're thinking related to forgiving yourself and how about you say something like ‘well I'm learning to forgive myself for putting myself in that difficult situation or for having that encounter or for responding that way. 

Remember we're all learning here on Earth. Earth can be a challenging school for us, that's for sure, but remember to watch your words. They are powerful, so if you can flip whatever you're saying that may be harsh, and phrase it so that it's a more of a learning, or it's a softer way of experiencing the life or the situation, you may find that helpful and beneficial. 

So I hope you've enjoyed this mindful tip, you can check out more mindful tips on my YouTube channel and you can access that through my website at


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