Can animals spell words?

Jan 14, 2022

How I realized animals could talk

Remembering Jack


If you've ever had an animal in your life and been touched by them, deep within your soul, you will appreciate this story.  I didn't always realize I could communicate with animals.  One of my many animal teachers who helped me to realize this ability was my beloved dog, Jack.

Jack was my first dog.  I grew up with cats and never had a dog.  There was this sense of urgency I felt about needing an animal for our family.  At the age of 35, I thought a dog would make a nice addition to my young family.  I’m so grateful for the experience of raising my young children with a dog they could consider a sibling and confidant. 

The day we brought him home, I remember my young children were excited and we all gathered around as we snuggled up to this 10 week old adorable puppy with all the super soft puppy fur (pictured below).  As Jack grew, we went to puppy classes and numerous walks around the neighborhood.  Jack became a very well-behaved puppy.  He was always friendly and outgoing and happy to greet other people and especially other dogs.  He loved playing with the kids, playing fetch and running really fast.



Looking back, I see there were signs that I could communicate with Jack, more than just reading his body language and he could communicate with me.


I also noticed he could understand me, he could actually understand my words and language.


I recall one funny scenario that happened later in Jack’s life.  I was working on my computer, at home and Jack wanted to play which is something he always wanted to do.  This dog would play fetch until your arm fell off.  He loved to play and he loved to run.  So when he dropped one of his toys at my feet, I stopped what I was doing.  He was clearly trying to get my attention.  I looked at Jack and thought, I don’t want to pick up that raggedy old toy.  The toy was 12 years old and one of his very first toys we gave him as a puppy so it was well-loved and torn.  Guess what Jack did.  He went to his toy basket and brought me one of the newer toys to play with.  I couldn’t refuse him so we got up and played for a bit. 

As we were playing, I wondered, did he hear my thoughts?  Was it just a coincidence that he got a newer toy?  This behavior was different for Jack because he usually just brought one toy and asked you to throw it.  I was amazed that he understood what I said. As I had never said this to him before. I became a little more curious about how he understood what I was thinking when I didn't give him any body language. I was intrigued.

Another memory that stands out for me was the time that I realized that Jack could spell, yes, spell words in the English language.  (We would have been famous, if I was on social media, back then, lol) One of Jack's favorite snacks were eggs, especially hard-boiled eggs.  At Easter time the kids would give him eggs as a treat and every so often I'd give him some of my morning eggs scrambled or in an omelet or whatever it was.  Well, this time when I was sitting with my daughter at an empty kitchen table, I told her that I was thinking about giving Jack a treat.  She asked what the treat was and I didn't want to use the word egg by speaking it out loud because he knew that word whenever it was spoken.  I decided to test my idea that Jack really understood my words.   So what I did was I spelled it out for my daughter E-G- G.  As soon as I spelled that word Jack jumped up from where he was laying on the other side of the room and came running up to me with his nose in the air with a big smile on his face and his tail wagging.  My daughter and I just looked at each other and smiled in amazement.  When I look back on this example, I realize that I also had a picture of an egg in my mind as I was telling my daughter what the treat was going to be.


Does your dog spell too?  Give it a try.


These subtle signs eventually led me to believe more in animal intelligence and animal communication.  I could not deny the things I had experienced with Jack.  It confirmed my belief that all living things are intelligent and can communicate with one another.

Jack has been gone for nine years.  The anniversary of his passing was this week. He passed away from cancer in my home, with me by his side.

I am very grateful that he played such a strong role in my believing and witnessing animal communication.  I love him dearly and still speak with his spirit, every week.  

If you want to learn about animal communication, leave a comment below.  I love sharing my experiences and passion with animal lovers.


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