Success Story - The Tail of Snoopy

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The Tail of Snoopy….


I want to share with you the saga of a little white dog, named Snoopy.  Snoopy’s human loves him very much.  She dedicates much of her time towards Snoopy.  She doesn’t have children so Snoopy fills that roll.  He has seen her through some difficult times in her life.  (He told me this, she did not.)


Snoopy is of special concern for his human mom because he has digestive issues.  He has food sensitivities, IBS and some allergies.  In order to keep him healthy, his human has worked with several different veterinarians, supported him through some surgeries and is working with holistic healers at this point. 


Snoopy’s health is very important to her.  The slightest bit of stress can upset his tummy and result in lots of IBS and tummy issues.  This is why she works with me.  To alert Snoopy of changes in advance and to check in to see how he is feeling.  She loves him very much! 


Snoopy is grateful for his loving human and thinks the world of her!


During one of my phone consultations with Snoopy, he explained his reasoning for something.  You see, his human was going away on a trip and she wanted to know if Snoopy would be ok staying with his grandmother (her mom).  He had visited the grandmother’s home several times but this time he expressed some concerns about staying there. 


I asked him why.  He said, “Well, it’s chaotic there right now and grandma feels really stressed.”  He showed me pictures of static energy coming out of his grandma and furniture displaced.  I asked Snoopy’s human if this was true.  Was her mother frazzled and stressed out?  She said, “Yes, my mother just moved a week ago and is settling into her new home. She is very stressed.” 


I asked if this was the best time for grandma to watch Snoopy or would it cause more stress to them both.  With Snoopy’s IBS, he is more sensitive to stress and tension than dogs without the condition. 


Snoopy’s human reassured both Snoopy and I that she was going to help her mother to get more settled into her new home, before her trip.  This was the reassurance that Snoopy needed.  I’m sure that his grandma appreciated it too!


After the trip, I heard that Snoopy did just fine.  No IBS issues and he enjoyed the extra spoiling and love that only a grandma can provide.


With so many things in our lives, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in the world.  I’m grateful for the people who know their animals so well and wish to prepare them for success when they travel or even when they go to the vet.


If you have an animal with some special emotional or physical needs, consider an animal communication reading with me so we can better support your beloved pet.  They’ll thank you for it!


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