What would you ask your dog in heaven?

afterlife animal communication animal whisperer Dec 16, 2022
boy with dog by water

Do you know the sign?  That your heavenly pet is still with you? 

Years ago, a mother asked me if I could help her with her young son.  The young boy, Austin, had recently lost his dear dog, Coal.  Her son was very attached to Coal as he was his closest friend, since birth.

Coal was there welcoming the newborn boy, from the hospital.

Coal was there when Austin began walking, supporting him as he wobbled around.   

They would share snacks together; Austin would happily share his Goldfish crackers with Coal and so many other treats. 

But there came a day when Coal started to gray, slow down and become frailer.

Austin's mother made the difficult decision to peacefully help Coal to transition with the help of her vet. 

They all were torn up about the loss of their beloved dog.  It felt like a huge hole in their lives.

Austin began having nightmares.

After a week or so of sleepless nights, his mother asked me if I could help.

I gladly talked with Coal’s spirit and Austin over the phone.

Austin was a bit shy at first but then began to be brave enough to ask me questions. 

He wanted to know how his dog was doing in heaven.

He asked if he was still hurting.

He asked if Coal was lonely.

I asked Coal these questions and gave him the answers:

He said he was adjusting in heaven.

He said he was not hurting and he did feel the family’s sadness.

He said he was not lonely.  He had been reunited with loved ones who also had passed away.

Coal told him that he would never leave his side.  That he would still be there to support him and watch over him. 

He would be watching over him for the good and the sad times.

Austin then asked a very sweet question.  He asked if Coal would still come to sleep with him every night like he used to do, to calm him. 

Coal quickly replied, Yes, I will always be there for you, and here’s how you’ll know.  Whenever you see a star in the sky or a star decoration or a star on a school paper, you will know that’s our special sign, that I’m still here, watching over you.

It’s moments like these that get me all teared up. 

The love we have for our animal friends is so powerful.  It’s unbelievably comforting to have these conversations with them when they have passed.

If you want to connect with your beloved(s), I would love to help you. 

I’ve got a special offer right now, until 12/23/22, that will help you to hear them, for yourself.  Check it out here: 



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