Life Lessons from Our Red Tail Hawk

animal communication shamanism/healing Jun 04, 2021

There was a memorial service for our beloved Hawk at the forest preserves a few weeks ago.  I was fortunate to attend with almost 20 others who had cared for her in her 33 years of being in captivity.  We shared tears and touching stories about our regal, sassy feathered friend.  It’s amazing how many lives she touched, not only with those who tended to her care but also school children, visitors to the welcome center and so many more.

There were many conversations that she and I had while she sat upon my arm…

One conversation I recall, was when she was reminding me to step into my power, to not be hesitant and timid.  This message came at a time in my life when I was leaving an abusive marriage, where I learned playing small was the safe thing to do, for over 17 years.

This, after all, is a lesson about healthy boundaries. 

She whispered to me to be strong, like her, take action when appropriate, and have no regrets.  If you’ve ever seen the determination of a hawk as it flies or lands onto a perch or a glove, you will understand the decisiveness she was talking about.  

I expressed to her, some of my fears and hesitations.  She kindly coached me to be strong.  She reminded me of who I was, deep down.  She reminded me of who I was before the marriage…a confident, independent, and eager young woman.  

She reminded me of her own wounds and injuries that hindered her flight.  She did not let that stop her from having done what she wanted to do...teach humans.  She went into classrooms and participated in public events. She DID what she set out to do...even with an injured wing. 

Her words helped me to realize that life’s experiences can create who we are if we let them. We can also choose to NOT let life's experiences change us. 

If you are holding onto past hurts, old stories and wounds, you will live your life “wearing” those pains.  When you hold onto the wounds, you are more likely to feel like a victim and your perception in life will be jaded.  Can you imagine holding onto everything that made you scared or blocked?  That would be a difficult life full of hardship and depression. 

But if you take the lessons from those experiences and recognize you had to have that experience to get somewhere else, then you realize, it was growing pains.

Wild animals don't hold grudges.  Wild animals live in the present moment. This is what we can learn from them.

When we release the hurts and "damage" we had from an experience in life, we can then see the lesson more clearly.  That is what we must keep...the lesson. That lesson gives us the tools to advance in our life, spiritually, and in so many other ways. 

We can then apply the lesson to future situations which is yet another stepping stone for us to use to better navigate our lives. 

How do you let the pain go?  There are many different ways. 

  • Breathe it out
  • Envision it leaving you
  • Talk therapy
  • Physical movement
  • Meditation
  • Energy Healing Treatment
  • And so many more ways... 

I personally used a combination of all of the above to return back to a balanced place.  

If you are feeling blocked, stuck, or wounded with something in your life, I am here to help you with shamanic healing.

To learn more about the powerful energy healing shifts available to you, contact me here:


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