3 Myths about Animal Communication

Aug 13, 2021

3 Myths about Animal Communication 

I don't often admit this, but I did not know what animal communication was until about 11 years ago.  Yep, that's right, I'm now a professional animal communicator and I didn't even know what I do now was even possible, eleven years ago, until I experienced it.

New things can often be scary.  We also don't want to look foolish when we are learning something new.  

That's why I wanted to let you know some of these common myths (some of which I believed, initially).  

Myth 1  Isn't it just reading body language?

Not at all.  Animal communication is best described as a connection between a human's heart chakra or third eye chakra and that of an animal's similar chakras. 

This connection can reach out to one another, over miles, and even to the spirit world.  This energy exchange cannot be stopped by walls, obstructions, or distance.  It is an energy exchange.  I've experienced very profound communications without ever physically seeing the animal.

How do you get these messages? 

When you quiet your mind, you can actually sense a whole lot more around you. 

a)  You can either focus on your physical body and any sensations it receives.  Many intuitives and animal communicators feel their messages in an empathetic way.  We feel stomachs, broken bones, headaches, heartburn and so much more.  

b) You can, again, quiet the mind and be aware of soft whispers or receive faint, foggy visions that an animal can be sending to you.  The animals' messages are not crystal clear all the time. Sometimes we need to ask clarifying questions to get a better idea of what they're trying to tell us. 

Myth 2  Don’t I need superpowers to hear/see/sense the animals?

We are ALL born with the ability to communicate with every living thing, animals, plants, the environment, and one another. 

It is the AWARENESS of this communication that helps you with your ability.  If you are aware of your body’s aches and pains, if you are aware of the thoughts in your head, if you are aware of the change in environment-from indoors to outdoors, you are well on your way to being more aware of how to communicate with the animals.

We often get so busy and focused on the physical distractions that we have...children, phones, games, work, etc. that we forget how to connect to our Spirit.  This connection to our Spirit helps us to access our intuitive abilities.  

No, you don't have to go on yoga retreats or have shamanic revelations in South America to access your intuitive Spirit.

YOU have the abilities and can find them IF you really want to.

Myth 3  Don't I need to know how to meditate first?

No.  Being quiet and still can help you to be less distracted and better able to receive messages from the animals but it is not necessary.  Sometimes we receive more detailed information from the animals just by doing mundane tasks around the home, from washing dishes, to folding laundry.  It during these times, when our minds are idling, that we are more aware of the ongoing dialogues that we participate in with animals. Yes, you probably are already communicating with your pets.  You know when they just are not quite right or when they really want something from you.  

Learning animal communication in a supportive community helps you to realize that you are not alone in thinking you are crazy or making things up when you practice your skills with the community. 

My certification course is starting up again in September.  If you'd like to learn more and join the waitlist, access the information HERE. 


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