What makes a great animal communicator, great?

animal communication Nov 04, 2021

I’ve got to confess something about myself…

I never liked learning a new language in school.  It was a requirement to complete a degree so I did it.  The instructors guided us to memorize several of the grammar rules, words, punctuation, etc. 


Maybe you had a similar experience?

I did not like to memorize things….It didn’t really make sense to me unless I could truly APPLY the language.  Rote memorization feels empty and blank to me.  I don’t feel it’s truly a way to learn, at least for me.

When we APPLY a concept while learning a new language, it is different than rote memorization.  This is where the learning takes place.  This is why I design my animal communication programs so you have an opportunity to APPLY the concepts. 

Former students of my courses, comment how they love the practices where they receive immediate feedback on an animal that they practiced with.  I know what it’s like to learn a new way of communicating and that’s why I always have practice sessions with the animals so students can apply what they’re learning immediately. 

In addition to APPLYING the concepts you learn while learning a new language, I’ve also found it helps to have the following key qualities to be a successful animal communicator.


Key Qualities:


An Open Heart

Being open to any possibility of any message that an animal may share with you, no matter how crazy it may seem.  There have been times when I have been told by animals that they eat things that are not really species appropriate.  Did I doubt their message?  No, I accepted it and asked more questions, especially, confirming questions of their human to be sure I was accurate.

Love of Animals

How badly do you want to know what your animals are feeling?  I find that when we truly care about our loved ones, we will do ANYTHING to help them and to make their lives better. (Just ask my animals…Howie, Floyd, Milli, Mags, and Max)

Dedication to practice 

When we APPLY our communication skills on a regular basis, it’s easier to get accurate information.  Similarly to learning a foreign language, when we use it every day, the ability stays with us and it becomes easier because we are more comfortable with this new way of communicating. 


When we don’t APPLY the skills and concepts that are readily accessible for us, then it gets more challenging because we can forget how to APPLY this new way of communicating. 


Practicing your animal communication abilities on a regular basis will lead you to be more fluent in the language of the animals.


Practicing any new skill on a regular basis will improve that skill.


You can certainly remember a time when you were learning how to drive a car or ride a bicycle.  The more you practiced, the more comfortable and confident you became in that ability.


That’s why I’m creating a community of intuitive learners! 


This community will be the support you need to learn to continue and grow with your intuitive and animal communication abilities!


The community will meet, virtually several times each month.

You will receive:


  •  Guidance and Lessons to strengthen your connection


  •  Support from a community


  •  Practice times – with immediate feedback


  •  Question and Answer  Segments


  •  And so much more

In this community, you will transform from doubting yourself, into a confident, positive intuitive/animal communicator.



We begin in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!


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