Do they miss you when you're gone?

Jul 17, 2021

I’ve recently done a lot of traveling to visit my family, which I dearly missed during the pandemic.  I wasn’t able to bring along my 2 shelties, 2 cats, and horse, instead, they stayed at home with my very caring housemate. 

 Leaving your loving animals while traveling can be stressful for both you and your animals. 

If you’re thinking of traveling this summer, I’ve got some helpful suggestions to make it a positive experience for both you and your pet, even if you’re not an animal communicator.  By doing these few things, you are taking into consideration your pet’s feelings and they’ll appreciate you for that!


In my animal communication sessions, I’m often asked:


How do I let them know when I’ll be back?

How can I make it better for them, while I’m gone?

Does my dog or cat miss me while I’m gone?


I’ve got a few ideas to share with you to help you make it a smooth change for your loving animals.


First, tell them the time frame you’ll be gone.  Trust me, do this before you even break out the suitcases.  Some animals are triggered when they see the suitcases and bags, so prepare your pets before you get packing.  Yes, verbally tell them, several times, in a calm, confident voice, several days before you go, if possible.  This can be reassuring for many pets. 


You will want to use a language that can help them to better understand timing.  Not all animals keep track of time, some do, but some don’t. 

I like to use sunrises as my time reference.  If I’ll be gone for 5 days, I will tell my animals, “I’ll be back in 6 sunrises.”  Using something that is physically easy for them to follow on their own, like sunrises or sunsets, helps your message to be clear for them.


Secondly, be sure to update the person in their care, about their preference of times to eat, go for walks and rest.  Avoid making any changes to their routines if you can help it.  Please stick with the same food and treats to avoid any stomach upset.  Be aware that pets can be nervous with new caretakers and may eat a bit less food while you’re gone.


Thirdly, take some pictures of your pets before you go and then look at those pictures every day you are gone.  Think of loving, comforting messages as you look at the images of your pets.  Trust me, your love for them will travel to them, energetically, and they will greatly appreciate you thinking of them.  No one wants to feel forgotten. 


If you’re learning animal communication, try to communicate with your animals every day while traveling away from them.  For me, I would check in each day to be sure each one of my animal family was doing well, and they loved that special check in time with me.  It really helps reassure both you and your pets when you can take this extra step.


By doing these little things, it can make your travels more enjoyable for you and it can also lessen any anxiety your animal may feel.  When you return, the reunion will be appreciated by your animals. 

Happy Trails!






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