Spirit Animals to the Rescue

enlightenment shamanism/healing Jun 10, 2022
Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are valuable allies that support us during our lifetime.  These Spirits can help us with our everyday life challenges and situations.  Plus, they can also assist us with some larger life changes or circumstances. 

I’ll address some of the FAQ about Spirit Animals here…

Q.  What are Spirit Animals

A. Spirit Animals are spirits that support us and guide us during our lifetime. They appear (energetically) as any species of animal that is here on this Earth and with this planet’s folklore (Unicorn, dragon, etc.).  They are a collective of energy for each species. 

If you have always loved dogs, you may have a Dog Spirit Animal.  You may also find that you have many similar qualities to dogs, like loyalty, playfulness, and protective.

When we learn about Spirit Animals, it’s helpful to realize that you are not just working with one animal but a COLLECTIVE of the species.  For example, an Elephant Spirit Animal has all the energy, qualities, and characteristics of all Elephants here on Earth.  That’s a lot of strength, right?  If you are working with Elephant energy, you may demonstrate strength – both physically and emotionally.  You may also feel a sense of community is very much needed in your life, as Elephants are communal animals. 

The qualities of each unique species of animal is reflected in the Spirit Animal.  When you have a Spirit Animal in your life, you may have identical qualities, as that particular species of animal.  Just as the Elephant survives with community, you too may thrive in a community setting – or be an extrovert.

 Q.  How many Spirit Animals does each person have?

A.  It varies. Sometimes 1-2 Spirit Animals are with us for our entire lifetime.  Other Spirit Animals, come and go as we encounter different things in life.  I’ve seen that some people have 3 Spirit Animals and others have 12.  Somewhere in between those numbers, is the average.  More isn’t always better.  It truly depends on the connection you have with them and that working relationship.


Several years ago, I was becoming familiar with my Spirit Animals via Shamanic Journeys.  I also noticed that I was drawn to anything having to do with a Rooster: lamps, pictures, ceramics, etc.  (Rooster was NOT a current Spirit Animal.). During one Shamanic Journey, my main Spirit Animal asked me if I knew why I kept acquiring Rooster items.  She informed me that it was because I needed that sort of energy in my life.  I remember thinking, well, Roosters are loud, they get into fights, and they defend their flock.  I asked myself, “why is this Spirit Animal coming to help me to embrace more of those qualities?”  Then I realized that I was starting to divorce my ex-husband and I was going to need to defend myself.  The divorce was long and drawn out, taking over 18 months and it was very difficult.  I’m glad I embrace the energy of Rooster to help me to defend my “territory/home” and my “flock/children.”

Sometimes we don’t even know what we need, but Spirit does!

Q.  How do they help us?

A.  Sometimes they can act as a guardian angel. Sometimes they can help you to embrace new concepts or mindsets. 

I find if I need a boost of confidence, I call upon one of my Spirit Animals that appears quite confident – Lion.  When I need to be quiet and stealth, I will embrace the  energy of my bat Spirit Animal. 

You see there are so many circumstances where we can all use just a little bit of help or support sometimes and Spirit Animals are there to help you!

Q. How do you ask for their help and get to know your Spirit Animal?

A. There are a few different ways to ask for your Spirit Animal’s help. You can:

  • Think of them and ask for their help with a problem or situation- a simple intention is all it takes
  • Honor them by displaying an image or figurine or jewelry item
  • Connect with them during a meditation and have a conversation with them
  • Discover more about them through a Shamanic journey


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