How do you know if your beloved pet has reincarnated?

Feb 10, 2022

How do you know if your beloved pet has reincarnated?


Do animals reincarnate? – Part II The Transition Process Explained


So many of you are curious about this subject, so last week, I described the dying and transition process with animals.   As promised, this week, I wish to share with you some information on animals that reincarnate.  Yes, they can return to us in this same lifetime.  I want to share with you how this works and a little about how to tell if your animal has been with you before.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt we have more than one chance at life.  Maybe it’s my love of Spring and the story of Easter that gives me the belief of starting anew.  For example, you know the feeling we sometimes get that we’ve been to a particular place before, or in a similar situation, or with a person that reminds us of someone but we don’t know who.  This is commonly referred to as Deja vu.  If you’ve traveled around the country or world and ever felt like you know a place, even if it’s your first time going there, that is the feeling I am referring to.


This is an example of discovering more about reincarnation from a client:


There was a dog client I had once, named Jeffrey.  I was chatting with him, from a distance, doing a well-being check for he and his humans.  Jeffrey and I talked about his level of activity, his food, his health, and how much he loves his humans.   When I asked Jeffrey if there was anything else he wanted to share, he said, Tory, I’m Tory.  I asked him again because this did not make any sense to me.  As far I knew, there was not a Tory in the family, presently.  I did not understand the reference he was making.  What came through loud and clear was this message, “Tell them I’m Tory!!!”  As a communicator, I often get information that does not make sense to me but makes sense to the humans and I always try to explain the messages, as I receive them.


As promised, I communicated all the information and the statement about Tory, to Jeffrey’s humans.  They were silent.  I had a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach that I had said something wrong.  Then I heard from them, “Oh, that makes so much sense!”  They told me how the personalities of Jeffrey and Tory were very similar.  Some of the funny quirks that Tory had, Jeffrey now has.  When you really know your animals, you can see how reincarnation can be a possibility.


Next, I wish to address some of your questions on Reincarnation here:


How do you know your pet has been reincarnated?


There are several signs to be aware of.  I feel if you reflect on the personality, habits, likes, and dislikes, of your animals, you will have a better understanding of who is with you now and whether they were with you when you were a child, young adult or adult. 


To explain this, I’ll share my experience with one of my animals who has reincarnated back to me.  As a shy, quiet child of 10 years, I had a favorite cat, named Buttons.  He was an orange tabby stray that we found.  He always seemed to watch me and want me to play.  He loved playing and he loved being social with everyone, from guests in our house to neighbors (he was an indoor/outdoor cat).  He was handsome and took good care of himself.  Unfortunately, Buttons passed away due to drinking/eating something he should not have consumed.  We believed it was anti-freeze from him nosing around in a neighbor’s garage.  His passing was devasting to me.  He was one of my best friends. 


Fast forward to my life as an adult with young children.  I could not have cats because my spouse was allergic to them.  I decided to find a dog.  I ended up finding a sheltie puppy, naming him Jack.  Jack was gorgeous, with his beautiful multi-colored coat of long hair.  Jack loved to play fetch.  He would always drop a ball or toy at my feet, inviting me to play.  I loved his playfulness.  It kept me from being too serious as a parent, plus it was stress relief for me.  Jack also ate something out of my garage, that was deadly, a corn cob in an old paint can (absorbing old paint to dispose of the can).  Fortunately, I discovered this shortly after it happened and administered a peroxide/water treatment (per my vet’s instructions), so he would not choke or die.  He recovered just fine, thankfully.  Sometimes we repeat our life lessons, I know that was one for Jack/Buttons.



What are some of the things to look for to see if your animal friend has been reincarnated?


Keep a watch for these things to have a better idea if they are reincarnated:


How I describe my dog, Jack, as playful, watchful, friendly, always exploring the neighborhood (as a dog and as a cat)….these attributes are what you want to focus on when evaluating if your pet is someone you have known before.  When you see similar personality quirks or behaviors, you may have a reincarnated friend.


You also want to look into their eyes and be aware of the feelings you get.  When you look in their eyes, do you feel a kinship?  Do you feel unconditional love for them AND from them?


Do they always come back as the same species or breed?


Not necessarily.  What I’ve seen happen is, they will choose a form that you would most likely choose to bring into your life – whether it’s a purebred Siamese cat, Great Dane, or a rescue horse.  If you have a love for Golden Retrievers or mutts, they will probably return to you in that form.


What about timing?

How long do they take to come back? Minutes? Weeks? Years?


This is where you may want to rethink your perception of time.  Often, we think of time as a very linear concept but reincarnation doesn’t always operate with this same concept.  For example, let’s say your dear cat passed away on January 1st.  In February, you find a kitten that was born January 2nd.   Could this new kitten be your dear cat, reincarnated? It is possible. But truly, the Spirit world doesn’t work on the same time platform that Earth does.  If this kitten has so many of the same personality traits are your dear cat, then it could be the same cat. 


I don’t see the reincarnations happen so quickly that often, though.  Often, the animals, just like people, may take some time in coming back to Earth. 


Do they take months and years to return to us? 


Often, yes, it can take some extra time because they want to do some healing for themselves in the Spirit World.  By doing their healings in the Spirit World, they are better able to let go of some of the illness, wounds, and fears that they had in their last lifetime.  When this happens, they are more likely to have a better life than the previous one.


Can a deceased animal pop into the body of my current pet temporarily?


Yes, this does happen.  So many times, I will get calls from clients asking me if their beloved deceased pet has taken over their current pet’s body.  This does happen sometimes IF the living pet agrees to it.  It is often a TEMPORARY visit.  Sometimes lasting for a few minutes but not more than a day, typically.


It is never easy to lose a companion animal.  There is hope with knowing they can return to us again.  That’s one of the beautiful gifts of reincarnation. 


My hope for you is that you continue to think fondly of the animals that have passed away and to keep your awareness OPEN to the possibility of their return to you.


The concept of reincarnation is fascinating to me, I hope it is for you too!


Let me know if you have any more questions about reincarnation and if you want a reading with me to determine if your animal has reincarnated. [email protected]



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