Pets Absorbing Illness from Their People - Part 2

Nov 14, 2023
reiki hands on chestnut horse for healing

This is a follow-up to my blog from last week where I talked about how animals can absorb our illnesses and then become sick themselves.

I received many replies and questions to that article, and I want to address those questions here for you, so you can better understand how you can help your animals to live the longest best life possible.

You probably know that our animals love us as much as we love them. So oftentimes I see soul connections with people and their animals spanning from lifetime to lifetime. It is a beautiful thing when we are reunited with these loving souls in our current lives.

I have found over the years that the animals whom we have deep soul connections with are the ones who want to help us the most.  Their love is mighty! 

When our animals see us hurting, they want to help us. Just as we want to help them when we feel, see or sense that they are hurting emotionally or physically.

Love is a beautiful thing.

The only issue is that if we don't take action to clear the energy of these illnesses from our animals then their lives will most likely be shorter and possibly full of illness.

Many of you asked me what we can do to help our animals.

The number one thing that I have seen to remedy this situation is to have the animal’s energy cleared from the illness.

If you're familiar with alternative therapies, you can clear your animal energetically from the illnesses that they've been absorbing from you. There are many methods to choose from.   The one I like to teach people to use is Reiki.

Reiki is a simple way and very effective to remove blockages stagnant energy emotional imbalances physical pains etc.

This is how Reiki helped one of my clients, a horse named Luke. Luke is a beautiful black horse who had a bit of colic which is a stomach upset in horses. Often colic can be serious where the horse has to be taken in for surgery and sometimes horses die from this horrible illness.

When I was at the barn one day many years ago Luke was colicking and his human asked me to help him.  I immediately began to place my hands on Luke's belly after he agreed that he wanted my help.  (It's always nice to ask for permission before you do a healing on anyone).

I could feel the energy flowing through me quite readily. I was getting hot and flushed in the cheeks which is a normal experience for me as I was sending the Reiki energy to Luke. He was so uncomfortable he wasn't able to eat. 

After about 15 minutes of doing Reiki on Luke I felt my hands moving towards his tail and I could feel the movement and shifts of the energy within him as he started to pass gas. That's a good sign because the gas makes them feel too full.  After about 15 more minutes and passing more gas I noticed Luke began to eat his hay again.

As I was doing the Reiki I sensed some heavy emotions and it didn't feel like they were his emotions. So I asked him what these heavy emotions were about. He told me his human, a wonderful woman named Jennifer was having some difficulty in her life. He told me she was thinking of changing jobs and she was having difficulty in her marriage at the time.

I mentioned these things to Jennifer and she agreed that she was contemplating a job change and part of that was related to having difficulty in her marriage.  (The animals always know what’s going on in our lives – there’s no hiding!).

Jennifer had complained of stomach pains over the past month with all the stress she was under.  She told me that coming out to ride and take care of Luke was one of the happiest parts of her life. She found joy and relief when she was with Luke. She was worried that Luke would continue to get sick as she was going through some of these challenges in her life.

I reminded her that the clearing was helping him so that whatever he had absorbed he no longer held on to energetically or physically.  I also advised her to find ways to relieve stress so she wouldn’t have stomach pains.

Having experienced first-hand with my animals absorbing from me I told her I would talk with Luke and ask him to not take on Jennifer's stress at the time that it was simply a means to an end for her and it wasn't going to last forever.

Luke loves Jennifer very much and only wants the best for her and he was trying to help her. I told him I recognized that, and I complimented him on how loving that was of him. After several minutes Luke finally recognized that he was stressing Jennifer out more by being sick and absorbing her tension and her stomach pain.

When I've checked in with Jennifer, she has happily told me that Luke has remained healthy aside from some mild arthritis, but he has not colicked since that incident 10 years ago.  And Jennifer made those positive changes in her life that have brought her happiness. 

So remember, there is always something you can do to help yourself and your animals that’s why I have my current special going to help you and your animal to feel better. 

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These healings will help you to know that your animals are not holding onto illnesses that they may have absorbed from you. 

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