Pets Absorbing Illness from Their People-Part 1 of 2

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Here's a dirty little secret about animal communication.... 

Animals can sometimes secretly absorb our illnesses.

Does your pet have the same illness as you?  How does this happen? 

For Molly, an adorable Maltese mix, who was diagnosed with the exact same stomach cancer as one of her humans, it was a shock to the family. 

Molly was cared for by a married couple…the woman of the family was healthy but the husband had been battling stomach cancer for a few months. 

During our animal communication reading, I had the opportunity to speak with Molly and dive into her emotions.  Molly is a sweet, gentle loving soul.  She was full of love and appreciation towards her humans.  She loved bringing them smiles and laughter with her silly tug o war games she would play with them.

Molly said she was upset when she learned that one of her humans wasn’t feeling well.  She wanted to help him so she started to lick him.

Her humans thought this was so loving and sweet of Molly to show her love for him, but it wasn’t just one or two simple licks, it was 30 minutes of licking his arm, hand, and face every day.  

Molly told me she wanted to help him and his pain.

When I asked her why she was licking him, she confessed, I’m taking it away…the illness.

I was terrified when Molly told me this news because I know what happens when our pets take on our illnesses, whether they’re emotional illnesses or physical illnesses. 

What happens to our pets when they absorb our illnesses is they end up living a shorter life because they’ve taken some of the illnesses of their humans.  They rarely release it or clear it from their own bodies. 

It’s no coincidence that Molly was diagnosed with the same stomach cancer as her human, 6 months after he was diagnosed. 

Unfortunately, Molly only lived until she was 7 years old, just a year after she started to lick her human.

It’s a situation that I see happen far too often. 

Through countless animal communication readings with animals, I’ve discovered that animals like Molly express their care in various ways beyond licking to alleviate their human’s pain.

What happens is that sometimes the cats or dogs will lay on our laps or sleep next to us.  It seems that touching us in some way is their preferred method for absorbing our illnesses. 

It’s very sad and very common.

I’m not suggesting that all touch is bad but be aware if you are battling an illness, that your pets are aware of your situation and will jump in to help you.

We love touching our animals and there clearly are benefits to snuggling, hugging, and petting.   

What can we do? 

We want comfort and attention from our animals, yet we don’t want them to become ill because of us. 

We want them to live the longest, healthiest lives that they can.

Proactive Measures:  Ensuring your pet's well-being in the midst of your illness  

You can remind your animals that you are not feeling well and that you are doing what you can to feel better.  Remind them that their energy is their own and you want them to be well.  Imagine going through an illness, yourself and then having to deal with a sick animal!  This happens way too often. 

You can prevent it from happening by being proactive and asking your pet to spend time with you but to NOT take on your illness.

Reiki to The Rescue

You can have a Reiki Energy Clearing session for your animals and yourself!  That way, you both can start again with clearer energy, resulting in wellness. 

For a limited time in November, I’m offering a Buy One Get One Free – energy clearing for you and your animal companion.  This way you can proactively help yourself and your animal to live a more balanced life. 

An energy clearing can balance your emotions, lessen physical pains and clear away your feelings of hopelessness or feeling stuck.  It can do the same for your animal. 

All clearings are via phone or Zoom.

Learn more here:


For Veteran’s Day I want to thank all of those vets for their service. 

I discovered some historical photos of cats in the military, especially in the Navy.  Check it out here:



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