Unleashing the Secrets - How My Cats and Dogs became Spies

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I have to confess…


As a single mom, when my kids were in high school, I did something that I’m a bit embarrassed to tell you.


My kids are great kids, now that they’re grown and young adults, living on their own.  But when they were in high school, there was some drama around their emotional well-being.


I was a concerned mom. 

 Mom's Secret Weapon

They never did drugs or drinking in high school (that I know of).  I’m sure that experimentation happened while they were in college.


One of my teens had a boyfriend.  I approved of him, but I also remembered what hormones are like at that age.


She spent a lot of time with him in our basement, watching movies.


This is where the embarrassing part comes in. 

 Animal Communication

While she was in the basement with her boyfriend, I would telepathically ask anyone of my animals to go down and check on them…..just to see that they were ok, you know, not doing adult things (clears throat). 😳


Typically it was one of the dogs but sometimes one of my cats would volunteer.


They liked being assigned this role.


It made them feel they were making sure that everyone was safe.

 Cats & Dogs as Spies

What did they tell me on their little spy missions?


Well often, they would report on the food and snacks that they were given by my daughter when they would go downstairs to visit.


I think my daughter caught on before she graduated high school because there would be times when she would lock the animals outside of the basement.  Or complain to me that they were down there with her and her boyfriend. 


You know, being intuitive, your children can also be intuitive, hee hee.


Animal Intuitive Readings

There've been times when I’ve been asked to find out things that only the animals would know, in some of my animal communication readings. 


There was a case of a dog daycare/boarding that was abusing dogs.  The dogs showed me some unpleasant scenes during a reading.  My client was worried about her dog being affected.  She noticed her dog acted very timid after being boarded there over a long weekend.


There have been instances of




Stolen dogs


Domestic abuse


I’m glad the animals can tell the backstory behind some of these difficult situations that we encounter.


Your animals can tell you things that happen in the home or at the groomer, that you may not be aware of.


If you want to know what your animal knows, let’s do a reading to uncover the mysteries.

Schedule your reading with me HERE



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