How the Universe Played a Joke on Me

enlightenment shamanism/healing Feb 25, 2022

If you’ve ever tried manifesting for the love of your life, you will understand this personal story of mine.


After my divorce, I took 2 years off from relationships to work on myself and my animal communication skills and shamanic teachings.  I then slowly began to open myself up for a new relationship.  I met someone who I was really interested in.  We were just friends in a professional setting.  I had strong feelings for him and he seemed flirtatious with me but there was one big hurdle about him that I would not cross, he was married.  He was not happily married but dedicated to his family, which I respected, as I was the same way in my unhappy marriage, yet committed to my family. 

I felt he was a soulmate and possibly a twin flame.  If you have ever felt that pull towards someone, you know what I mean. 

My Dilemma 

What do you do when you feel so strongly about someone yet you don’t want to overstep your personal boundaries? (I’ve always had a policy of not getting involved with someone while they’re in a committed relationship).


What I did was a manifestation for a positive resolution to this situation. 


When we manifest for something, I know it’s important to be specific about what you want.  As I manifested for this possible relationship with this man, I’ll call him "John" (not his true name), I used his name in the manifestations. 


*Note*:  I did NOT manifest for his divorce or anything bad to happen to his family.  


My manifestations consisted of bringing he and I together IF/WHEN it was in our highest good. 

Did I know what his highest good or my highest good was?  Not really but I trusted that the Universe/Creator would figure it out for us.  I certainly did not want to interfere in his personal life so I stayed distant. I released the manifestation and went on living my life, trusting that the best possible outcome would evolve. 


How do manifestations work?


There are many different ways to manifest.  You can say a prayer, you can dance out a manifestation, use crystals, play music, light a candle, etc.


Did you know you can write a letter to someone’s angels?  Absolutely.  You can express how you will bring joy to that person and help them with their life.  What do you do with these letters?  Well, I burn them, which helps to release them to the Universe to be heard. 


As I was manifesting for something good to happen between “John” and myself (not interfering with his marriage) I also joined a dating site to see if I could find a friend or partner as I was feeling ready to try being in a relationship again.  After about a month on the site, I found a potential partner. 


Here' the funny thing….The Universe can be funny sometimes. :)


Remember, my manifestations for “John”?  Well, the man I met on the dating site was also named “John.”  Pretty funny right?  The Universe listens to you and gives you want you need. It heard my request for “John” and provided me with a great opportunity for the “John” that I needed.   

Maybe not what you want but what you need. 

I needed that relationship with the dating site John.  It gave me hope again. 


Here are a few manifestation tips to help you in your journey of getting what you NEED:


  • Be specific about who and what


  • Avoid designating a timeframe (time is manmade) Keep it open-ended


  • Trust that things will unfold as they are meant to, not necessarily how you want them to


  • Let go – Let go of the desire and avoid trying to control the situation.


Please share with me your successful manifestations.  I’d love to hear about them!




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