What are you holding on to?

shamanism/healing May 17, 2021

What are you holding onto? We all tend to hold onto old stories, or scenarios, or circumstances that have happened in our lives, either even from childhood let alone from last week. 

Did you know that sometimes holding onto those things can lead to disease?

Either emotional disease or imbalances or physical ones. When I do energy healing for some of my clients either using Reiki or using shamanic healing, I find that people hold onto things and they hold onto them in their bodies, sometimes in the solar plexus area, which is in the digestion area, as well as the middle back.

So if you're finding that you're having indigestion or back issues, maybe check in with yourself to see “hmm what am I holding onto? Is there an old story there that I was told that may not be true or it may not be true for me anymore? Am I holding onto that? Can I let it go?”

The nice thing about doing energy work is it invites those things to loosen up their grip and to be released, and so you feel lighter after an energy healing session and you have more room for expansion, more room for growth.

If we're here to learn things about this world and about ourselves, isn't it good to open up your vessel and release some of the old worn-out things that don't serve you anymore? 

As I often like to ask my students and clients: would you want to wear the same pair of shoes that you wore when you were six years old?

You don't want to wear them now or have you outgrown them so think about releasing some old pattern thoughts emotions or wounds that you may be holding onto and let those go so that you can expand and continue to grow and learn and thrive in your life while you're here.

So, this is my mindful tip for you: let it go and if you want to learn more about my services of energy clearing and healing, or if you want to learn how to do it yourself, because I do love to teach, you can find the information on my website at www.thewhispersoflove.com 



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