Learning Spirituality from Animals

animal communication Apr 24, 2021

It's natural to connect with animals.  We've been doing it since birth.  Because they don't use words, animals and humans can communicate with a different language - the language of spirit and energy.  This communication can be enlightening to say the least and profound.

Understanding grace and spirit is part of the reason why animals are in our lives and why we love them so dearly.  Whether we are appreciating them for who they are as individuals or pondering what lessons they are guiding us through, the animals in our lives are here for a reason.

Here are 5 different practices for you to try with your animals to help you to better connect with them and maybe even strengthen your spiritual understanding. 


~ 1~


Witness your animal companion for five minutes. Take a break from your distractions and be present with your animal.  Listen. Smell. Try not to touch. Witness them as they sleep, play, sniff in the yard, whatever it may be.  Be present with them. 



Try sitting with your dog, cat or horse and listen to their breath along with yours.  Mindful breathing is known to bring peace of mind, calmness, physical health, energy and so much more. 



Be still with your animal and patient with them too.  If you are trying to teach them a new skill or trick, witness them and demonstrate patience.  Understanding the soul connection between you both, will help to guide you. 


Be A Student

Ask yourself what your animal might be trying to teach you.  Is it patience?  Is it to nurture yourself? Confidence?  

Animals can teach us to practice gratitude on a regular basis. Notice when they make you smile or laugh.  That is definitely a gift of gratitude. 


Communicate with Energy

All living things have energy, that's what keeps us connected.  Practice communicating, energetically with your animal.  Notice if they respond to you either energetically or physically.  

If you want to explore animal communication further, I have ongoing classes available.  Explore the "CLASSES" tab to learn more. 


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