Is your pet grumpy?

animal communication enlightenment May 17, 2021


I want to share with you a mindful tip for today and that is to be present with your loved ones. Being mindful and being present means not only being there for your human friends, family companions, but also for the animals. 

So for instance if you're walking your dog you probably want to be present with that dog, and you probably want to be aware of your surroundings. Right? Because you don't want to step in any poo that maybe somebody has left behind or get tripped on a crack on the sidewalk or not be aware of what's going on around you.

I know when I walk my dogs, I do notice some people who are into their phones, or they're talking to someone on the phone, or they're watching something while they're on a walk.

And other people are a little more present with their surroundings, and with the animals really appreciate you being fully focused on them, just as any human would as well.

For example I've got a cat- he's a long-haired cat -and his name is Magnus and he loves to be groomed and the way we do it is he sits on my lap, and I get my brush and I brush him. Well you know I've got two hands so I brush him and then when I think “hmm it'd be a good time to multitask. It'd be a good time to connect with someone on social media or to look something up.”

As soon as I pick up my phone, he jumps off of my lap and is in a huff. And I ask him “Okay, why are you in a huff? what's going on?” and he said “You weren't present with me, this is our time. I cherish it, do you not cherish it?”

So when he asked that to me I said “okay I get your message, thank you for the reminder. I will not be distracted when I'm here with you while we're doing our special bonding time because you are important to me, and I just want you to know that”.

And so that's why I've chosen to not pick up the phone or to not have a certain conversation with somebody while I'm doing something mindful with my animals or with my loved ones. 

You know when my  children come to visit, or family members come to visit, or anybody that you may be living with as well: how present are you with them? Can you turn off some of the distractions to be present and to really hear what they're saying to you?

Because as you know, there are subtle nuances that come through in communications with one another; there's body language, there's tone of voice, there's also this energy exchange that's going on between individuals: be it human or animal.

So this is my tip for you be present, be mindful, don't step on that crack or get tripped up by that crack on the sidewalk if you're not paying attention to where you are when you're out on a walkabout.

And then also be present with your loved ones. You know if you've got special snuggle time with your animals or with your humans, be present with them, avoid some of the distractions that we have going on in our present day world. 

So I hope you've enjoyed this tip. If you'd like to learn more about my services and how I can help you and your animals with energy clearing work, or healing, or transformation of spiritual kind, check out my website at 


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