A Choking horse, Rehabilitating dogs, and a Spooky House

animal communication Jul 24, 2021

 You’re probably wondering what these 3 things have in common. 

Well, they’re examples of how animal communication has helped my clients, this week.

Horse Heimlich

The case of the choking horse was stressful for the dear mare who had some mash with carrots lodged in her throat/esophagus.  We are unsure how this happened but it was scary for her and her human.  I received an urgent call and was able to help her via a remote session to calm her and to open her chakras and airways with Reiki, so she could pass the blockage.  She was also rushed to a hospital and treated by veterinarians.  I reassured her the entire way that she was in transport.  Thankfully, she is recovering nicely.


A Rescue Dog Feeling Abandoned


The shepherd mix I helped has some serious abandonment issues.  She is a rescue and has felt left behind from those experiences of not being wanted and passed around.  She is dearly loved now and feels the love but still has some fear about being left behind.  I spoke with her regarding some of her limited beliefs and also did a soul retrieval to help her to feel more complete.  She feels supported and stronger as she receives ongoing treatments with me to help her confidence and physical health to improve.


Nearing End of Life

The other dog I had the privilege of helping, a beautiful Frenchie, just ended her chemo treatments for a severe disease.  She and her human are preparing for her transition in the upcoming months.  Her human wanted to know how she was feeling and what more she could do to keep her comfortable.  We had an enriching chat about the life/death process and this dear Frenchie had some beautiful messages to relay to her human via my telepathic connection with her, reassuring her human that she would still be helping her even after her transition.  She promised that her spirit would be available to continue to guide her human after her physical self passes.  What a heartwarming message!



What’s Going Bump in the Night?

When a pet is hesitant to go into a room in your house, you must wonder why.  That’s the case for one client who noticed her dog refused to go into a few rooms in her home.  When I spoke telepathically with the dog, she told me there were weird vibes in those rooms and she was afraid of them.  She sensed spirits and she didn’t like them.  I reassured her that I would look in and see what I felt was going on, energetically.  When I did, I noticed a few spirits hiding in these rooms.  A few were past inhabitants of the home and others were simply passing through.  After I performed a home clearing and special energy shielding, my client, the dog, was more relaxed in entering those rooms, her human happily reported. 



Animal communication can help us with so many diverse situations that we encounter with our beloved animals throughout their lives.  If you find yourself in a situation where you’re unsure what your pet may be trying to tell you, I hope you reach out to me so I can share their feelings and perspective with you about what they’re feeling. 

Helping your animals to have the best possible life is a wonderful gift you can give to them.

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