How do you know what your animal wants?

animal communication Nov 19, 2021

Because we love our animals so much we want the best for them and we certainly don't want them to be in pain.


There's nothing worse than not knowing how your animal is feeling. When they're showing you signs of illness or emotional distress or trauma it can really break our hearts.


How do you know how to help them in times of trouble?


I was faced with this situation this past week with my dear heart horse Howie. He showed signs of colic. Colic is life threatening for horses and Howie is no stranger to it. Unfortunately, he has encountered about 25 episodes of colic in his 23 years of life.  Thankfully he recovered from this latest episode of colic.


As I noticed the symptoms he physically showed me, I immediately started to do energy work to help alleviate some of the upset that his stomach was giving him. He felt some relief but he kept telling me there was more. When the pain subsided I was relieved but still cautious. Howie told me the pain was a little less but he said there still was a blockage in his tummy. I waited and observed and watched him very closely. He was comfortable until the pain started again.  That’s when I knew he wanted the vet to help him.  He asked for the vet!   You know an animal is in pain when they ask for the vet!


It's always scary to see our animals in pain. We simply want to take that pain away or remedy at as best we can. We are their caretakers. We have promised them to give them the best possible life. So to see them struggling in pain no matter what they do to try to relieve themselves of the pain and it's not working it's time for us to intervene.


When our animals are in distress these are the times I'm so grateful for animal communication.


In past years, Howie had many colic episodes, which prompted me to learn animal communication and Reiki.  I didn’t even know it existed until I really needed it to help him.  I wanted to be there for him.  I wanted to help him and I wanted to know and understand what was going on with him. Simply because I love him.


Learning animal communication can be so rewarding.  You know when your animal wants help.  You know what they feel.  You don’t have to second guess what they’re needs are.


It's so stressful to see a loved one in pain.  With animal communication we can tell the animals we're there to help them.


There was a moment with this latest colic episode when Howie stopped breathing, he was holding his breath. I advised him to breathe so that he would let the oxygen fill his body and do what it needed to do to help him. Thankfully he's a smart horse and he listened.



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