How Do Animals Tell Time?

animal communication Apr 30, 2021

How to prepare your animals for your post-pandemic schedule changes.

As the world shifts and opens back up, post-pandemic, you probably want to prepare your animals for any travel, visits, appointments or work schedule changes, you may encounter in the months ahead.

I’ve got some suggestions for you so YOU can do this and make it a harmonious transition.

Let’s talk about the concept of time, first.

I’m often asked the question, “Do animals understand time?”

You may experience animals acting oddly around the time changes in most US states. They may beg you for food, earlier or later than usual, depending on the clock changes.

 But what about the bigger concept of time…are the animals always in the present moment or do they sense the changes, as we do?

 Let me explain…

Animals are Divine Beings, just as we are.

 Sometimes we hear the general statement of “Animals only live in the present moment.” While that can be true, it is a generalization that doesn’t really apply to domesticated animals.  Yes, animals are often masters at what we, in our human world call “mindfulness” but they can have flashbacks of situations that occurred from this lifetime or even from past lifetimes – more on this in a future post.

 What animals have taught me over many years of listening to them and communicating with them is they understand and track what we call “time” through the rhythms of nature, just as our ancestors did.

Each species will have their own understanding of these rhythms, seasons and patterns.

For example, birds with their migratory patterns and timing are incredible about connecting to the Earth’s rhythms.  It’s amazing how, like clockwork they return every year to certain areas around the globe.  I’m sure they don’t use watches to know when to migrate. :)

People often ask me how they can communicate with their animals about things like travel, family visits, moves or appointments.  Your animals are great about sensing things about you and your daily rhythm.  Most animals have an understanding of day and evening, change of seasons (look at them sniff the air) and changing patterns of the Earth.

 As our schedules begin to change, when we come out of the pandemic, you may want to remind your animals of your schedule changes.  This will help ease their worries about where you are and prepare them for changes to their schedule as well.

I’ve learned from the animals, how they speak in reference of time…sunrises, sunsets, moon cycles, and seasons. 

I’ve had animals tell me when I ask how long they’ve been in pain, “I have only been feeling pain for 3 sunrises” or “I have not felt the pain for 7 full moons now.”  This truly helps me to help their human to better understand how to care for them and to gauge if a treatment is working or not. 

If you want to communicate with your companion animal about time, try this.

For an upcoming trip:

1. Use the pattern of day/night, and give a mental picture of how many day/night cycles you’re going to be away from home.  After that, you can also give them pictures about what you want them to know about their care while you’re away: for example, a trusted house sitter coming to take care of them, a trip to the boarding kennel, extended time with a friend who cares for them, etc. 

2. You can communicate with your animal friends using the universal language of telepathy. Since telepathy is their primary language, you can trust that even if you aren’t confident in your ability or fluency, they will likely be able to understand your communication. Use mental pictures, feelings, and words to communicate to them what you would like them to understand and repeat the message.  Repetition will often give them a consistent message so there is little confusion.

3. Be aware that it’s important for your communication to be clear and easily understood (i.e., that your words, thoughts, intentions, and feelings line up with each other.)

4. Communicating with animals about time can also help them to understand human patterns and upcoming events.  This is handy for schedule changes and changes to routines. 

If you are ready to dive in and learn more, check out this class:

Introduction to Animal Communication Digital Class.

It’s an hour-long class, full of ways for you to develop your natural abilities.  I’d love to be your guide in sharing the best tools I know for communicating clearly and accurately with animals and all life!


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