Home Clearing

shamanism/healing May 17, 2021

How has your home been feeling lately?

Being sheltered in can be challenging. When you're stuck in your home space you don't get to get out as much as you're used to or escape to the workplace or to outings with friends and family. It can be a challenge and sometimes our homes become stagnant: the energy becomes stagnant; the air becomes stagnant. So as you open up the windows you can try to clear some of the air and the energy. 

But I have found in my own personal life, and this is my home, in my own personal home, that clearing the energy energetically does wonders. It keeps my mindset clear and focused, because I do work out of my home, and it helps me to be mindful of my animals, my loved ones, my clients, and it helps a lot with clarity.

We all need clarity in our life, right?

To try and figure things out, to try and figure out these puzzles that we put in place with our life. So I do recommend a home clearing if you know how to do a home clearing, that's great do one probably on a weekly basis is what I suggest, especially when we're sheltered in.

If you don't know how, I have a class that will guide you how to do it. It is a digital class so you can access it at any time and you can review it time and time again so check it out, it is on my website at www.thewhispersoflove.com/classes.

It is energy hygiene plus home clearing and I guide you through all the ways that you can do an energetic home clearing and also put up some healthy boundaries and put up some energetic shielding so that you don't get unwanted spiritual guests coming over to annoy you while you're sleeping or disturb you while you're doing other things. 

So check it out, I'd love to have you get your home cleared as best as you can for your well-being and that of your animals. So you can check it out again at www.thewhispersoflove.com/classes.