Healing Chronic Acid Reflux - My Journey with Reiki

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I healed my chronic acid reflux with Reiki –  


Healing chronic acid reflux with Reiki

In 1999, I was unable to eat or drink for a few days.  The pain had been lingering for a few weeks but then it really became worse.   I called my doctor and he arranged for an endoscopy that showed I had erosion of my esophagus. It was painful and I had to do something to heal this, so I followed the doctor’s orders, back then.

My Dr. gave me a prescription to slow the acid production down in my stomach.  I was on this prescription for 10 years and I only felt a little less acid reflux while on the medicine but still had chronic pain in my esophagus and throat.

Esophageal Cancer is Extremely Painful

Then, in June 2009, my mother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  She suffered from heartburn, GERD, and acid reflux for 35 years or more.  The cancer took her 8 months later, even though she did everything the doctors told her to do with radiation and chemo. 

She suffered tremendous pain during treatments and in hospice.  She simply could not swallow food.

I was heading down the same path as my mom. 

 Seeing my mother deal with acid reflux is one of the main reasons why I looked to alternative therapies like Reiki.


I decided I didn’t want to be like her and suffer through medicines that didn’t address the root problem of her diseases. I witnessed her struggle with heartburn for over 35 years. 


Over the 10 years that I was managing my symptoms, I changed my diet, eliminated coffee, alcohol, tomatoes, vinegar, and other foods/drinks that irritated my body.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of a difference with the chronic burning pain with the dietary change AND the prescription medicine.


I knew I did NOT want to experience the same illness that my mother had, yet I was clearly having the same issues.


I chose to follow my intuition and do alternative things.


After my mother’s death, I began to change many things in my life.    I opened my mind and heart to alternative therapies.


I learned Reiki.

Reiki is a powerful energy that naturally moves through your body. 


It works with your chakra energy centers and your energy meridians.


It can rebalance these energy centers to promote balance and healing.


It helps with physical issues, emotional problems, and spiritual situations.

Here’s an article about Reiki if you are new to it: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/reiki/


I received the training to learn how to work with Reiki Energy in 2010.


Being a curious soul, I experimented on myself with Reiki before I worked on anyone else.  I wanted to be able to explain how it feels to other people and animals before I started helping others.


My Reiki Therapy


Every morning, I would do Reiki on my body.


I could feel a difference after each healing. 


I felt lighter and I had a clearer mind.


I found the grief I had for my mother’s passing was becoming lighter.  I didn’t feel heaviness.


Every morning, I found my heartburn disappeared!


The burning stopped appearing around meals after about the 4th day.   The burning pain in my throat and esophagus was no longer lingering all day and night.


This had not happened in over 10 years!  I did not feel constant pain or irritation anymore!


I was amazed and relieved!


I did this for one month.


I didn't change anything else in my life or diet.


I wanted to be sure to witness the healing effects of Reiki.


I stopped taking my prescription medicine for heartburn/acid reflux, against the wishes of my doctor. 


That was 12 years ago.


I don’t have chronic heartburn/acid reflux anymore.


I feel comfort in knowing that I am able to heal what is wrong with my body so I don’t endure the struggles that my mother did. 

I only wish I would have learned Reiki before she became so ill, then I know I could have helped her. I did send Reiki to her, when I realized I could provide her comfort, even now, from the future.  (Reiki is able to travel through time so you can have healings for things that happened to you in the past and in the future.)

Because I found great success with daily Reiki treatments, I continue to do Reiki treatments for myself – sometimes 30 minutes or sometimes just 5 minutes each day.

I am grateful that I found a solution that works for me.


Learn Reiki or Receive Reiki


I would love to teach you how to do Reiki for yourself and/or your animals.  I offer in-person or virtual teachings so you can heal yourself too!

Or if you would prefer to experience the healing power of Reiki, you can have a healing either in-person or virtually.

If you want to learn more about the healing power of Reiki, let’s talk on a free call. Schedule your call HERE

Here’s to your healing!





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