How Animal Communication Can Give You More Sleep

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When animals behave strangely - especially out of the blue and in a manner that seems completely uncharacteristic of their normal temperament - it is natural for their humans to worry. The good news, however, is that as an animal communicator, I can almost always uncover what is bothering your pet, comfort them, and find a solution. It is my life’s work, after all, to help pets live their very best lives. And by extension, to enhance yours while strengthening the human-animal bond.



A few weeks ago, a bitter cold spell hit the plains and the Midwest. In many places, temperatures plummeted to -10 degrees Fahrenheit for several days in a row. And as it turns out, an arctic freeze like this can affect animals - who can be quite sensitive to environmental changes -  in very drastic ways…


So I was not surprised when one of my clients, who has two darling standard poodle mixes (whom I will call Stella and Henry to maintain their privacy), reached out during this glacial chill to let me know that Henry had been suddenly and abnormally barking and pacing at night, seemingly inconsolable.


Even when he was nestled cozily in his crate, with Stella and his humans right by his side, he was anxious and could not settle down. Night after night he was restless, and no one was getting a moment of rest.


Henry’s family was becoming frantic. While I didn’t know exactly what was wrong, I did wonder if the cold might be a factor in his unusual behavior. But to find out, I needed to talk to him directly and ask exactly what was wrong.


Animal Telepathy Means Having a Calm Conversation


Interspecies communication (telepathy) can help us find out why our animals behave the way they do.  As all pet parents know, they are constantly communicating with us. We just have to know how to listen.


To help Henry, I telepathically let him know he could trust me and then we began to talk, remotely.  Telepathy travels over miles  - kind of like a cell phone tower sending a signal out for those to receive it.  I was at my home and Henry was 15 miles away at his home. 


I asked him very kindly, “Hey, buddy, what is wrong?” He told me that things had become very scary at night. He said that he had been hearing a lot of booms, cracks, clangs, and other noises after dark that were equally unfamiliar and terrifying.  And worse, no one else - including Stella - seemed to notice or to care. He felt so lonely and could not understand how these deafening sounds did not seem to bother anyone else. After chatting for a little while, it finally dawned on me: his house was creaking as it adjusted to the cold, and for whatever reason, he was highly susceptible to getting upset about these sounds. I knew that if I could help him understand where the noises were coming from, he would feel safe again.But I had to articulate it in a way he would easily understand.


“Henry,” I explained, “hey…so you know when your paws get really cold when they touch the ground outside right now? You know how cold it is out there? Well, your house knows how cold it is too - and it is settling a little in response. So those booms you hear are nothing more than your house adjusting due to the weather. You have nothing to fear. Your mom, dad, and Stella love you and have your back, so please, try to relax and be at peace tonight.” He told me that he would try to be a good boy and we said goodbye.


And guess what? Our talk worked!  Through telepathy, I was able to allay his fears and he was himself again. 


The next day, Henry’s mom called to tell me that he had slept peacefully and that things were back to normal. With his fears assuaged, everyone got some much-needed rest. Whew - what a relief!


Just like humans, animals have complex emotions and are constantly sharing them with us. By quieting things down and focusing on what they are trying to say - a sensation that often feels like a soft vibration to me  - I can listen to their messages. Then, telepathically, I soothe their concerns while translating their experiences and sentiments into human language so their people can respond appropriately.


I love doing this work and am here to help you and your pets, too.

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