Energy Hygiene Master Class

shamanism/healing May 17, 2021

Are you feeling like your energy is feeling stuck or stagnant?

You know, sometimes when we are in this pandemic space we do go to those lower levels of survival, and so sometimes we are overloaded with fear, or regret, or worry about you know, things we could have done differently in the past or what our future is going to hold.

If you're feeling like you're stuck in that space emotionally and energetically, I'd love to have you join my energy hygiene master class where I teach you how to clear your energy field, and it helps to clear some of the emotions and the thoughts as well, so that you can be in a clearer state of mind and be a little more balanced and a little more peaceful with the pandemic and the things that are going on right now.

I teach you how to also shield your energy so that when and if you're feeling maybe somebody may be saying some unkind things to you, or maybe if you feel someone may be trying to take your energy, there are things you can do to shield and protect your energy for your highest good, and this is what I love to teach so it's in this master class that I've created for you. 

It's a recorded class done virtually and it's available to you May 13th and it's a wonderful class where I teach you the clearing techniques, and it's not just using sage and then I also teach you how to shield your energy so that you can be a clear channel for yourself for your well-being and for the loved ones that you're helping.

You know, especially if you're in a situation where you are in the frontlines and you're helping those who are fighting illnesses and things that you can shield your energy so that you can be a balanced person for them, you can show up for them more clearly and you can show up for yourself more clearly.  

I also have bonus on this class that allows you to learn techniques that I have found beneficial to clear my home, being that we're sheltered in, it's always good to do a lot of clearing while you're there so that you don't feel the stagnant energy and especially if you're been in a fear-based place mentally.

So it helps to clear that as well so I'd love to have you join me for this class again it's available May 13th and it's priced very reasonably so you can get all the details in the link below and I look forward to to having you join us so that you can be a clear channel and as clear-headed as you possibly can for yourself and your loved ones!

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