What dog's really say to one another

aggressive dog animal communication animal whisperer dogspeak Mar 23, 2023

Have you ever been walking your dog and wondered what they are saying to the other dogs on their walk?  Or maybe you’re curious about what your cats are saying to one another?


It’s kinda cool to hear what goes on between them, especially when there’s a problem to solve.


Remi, my client, was having issues with one particular dog on his walks.  Remi is a sweet, rescue mutt who gets along with almost every other dog.


The issue I was brought in to help with was when he repeatedly got his hair aggressively barking and lunging whenever he encountered one larger dog on his walks.  This became a problem for both dogs and their humans. 


How did I help Remi?


Well, I spoke with him to find out if he could play back in his mind, an incident with this one dog of issue.


He did and I was really surprised to find out what their dialogue was like. 


You would have thought they were a couple of opposing politicians, with the banter and foul language they used toward one another.


There was name-calling and cursing!


Neither one of them was having it! 


They were both adamant about standing their ground!


It’s kinda funny how they both were trying to be bigger and fiercer than the other.


I spoke with both of them about their behavior.


I also did some healing to release the tension they were both feeling toward one another.


It worked!


Remi’s human informs me that he is now the perfect gentleman on his walks.  He actually didn’t notice the other dog a few times when they were nearby.


When I check in with Remi from time to time, he doesn’t have the tension I once felt from him when we talk about the other dog.


I’d say that’s progress!


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