Can Dogs Have Acid Reflux?

animal communication shamanism/healing Apr 15, 2022


What do you do when your dog isn't eating? You've taken him to the vet and the vet can’t find anything wrong.

I've gotten this call many times from animal lovers and I'm thankful that I can feel the animals in order to help them so that they may live their best life possible.

There was a dog, Toby, who was in this situation. He did not want to eat. He was offered the finest food possible. They had him on a high-quality raw diet. Toby’s human even offered him human food to try and get him to eat over the period of about a week. He was eating a little bit but not enough to sustain him and he was slowing down. His human was concerned about it so she contacted me.

During our reading to help Toby, I immediately felt a pain in my chest. It reminded me of a burning sensation similar to acid reflux, something that I am unfortunately familiar with. But because my acid reflux is under control, I knew that this feeling that I was experiencing was from Toby.

 When I recognize the acid reflux in myself and how it was a mirror of his acid reflux I asked Toby if this sensation is something that you're feeling all the time? He said “Yes, this is why I'm not eating. It's painful to swallow and it's almost constant. “

So, I let him know that I would tell his human who loves and cares for him very much about this sensation that he was expressing to me.

 She understood the sensation because she herself is familiar with acid reflux. Sometimes animals mirror our health issues to us to make us more aware of our own health. Sometimes they mirror it in order to help us or to lighten the load, the pain from the sensation.

 To ease Toby’s pain, I directed healing energy to him and he felt relief with that.

I mentioned the concept of mirroring to to be human and she agreed fully. She knew she had to take better care of herself. We talked of some dietary changes for both of them and it seemed to work. When checking in with them a few weeks later, they both reported that they felt better and their appetites were back.

 Sometimes we need a reminder, in life. Sometimes our animals help to make us aware of these things, even when it causes them pain.

Toby is a young dog and his human was concerned that it was a major illness that was going to shorten his life. So the level of relief that she had was outstanding when she discovered she could change his diet and her own, to help him.

When I'm asked if animal communication can help with physical illnesses, I go back to this case with Toby and so many other animals who have benefited from being spoken to.  

I don't want to see an animal suffer.  To be able to help them and to remedy the situation makes me feel like I'm making a positive contribution to the world.

 If you want to ask me anything about animal communication or about how you too can learn animal communication let's talk. You can set up a free phone call using this link.


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